The football Association announced its dissolution?World Cup or disbanded!War countries are better than national football teams

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Syria lost 2-0 to United Arab Emirates (UAE) and South Korea in the round of 12 on Sunday, leaving them out of the World Cup with only two draws and six losses in eight games, which has made the Syrian Football Association (SFA) unhappy with the work of the first-team coach and management team.The Syrian Football Association has officially announced the dismissal of the entire administration and coaching team of the men’s national football team. The head coach Diza has resigned and a new head coach will be appointed at a later date.”All members of the Syrian Football Association interim committee have decided by consensus to remove the existing administrative body of the men’s first team and dismiss all members of the technical team,” the sFA official wrote.They did not take their work seriously and did not bring the desire to win, and defeats to the United Arab Emirates and South Korea ensured our early exit from World Cup qualifying.Why do strong countries beat us, why do weak countries beat us, why do peaceful countries beat us, why do countries in war beat us?Because they know accountability, they know introspection, they know correction.Has the management team changed since China exported to Vietnam?Beiqing, the official newspaper of programmers, said that Li xiaopeng’s future is not up to him.According to reports, the relevant parties at the beginning of the selection of Li Xiaopeng, in fact, is to focus on the future.Whether Li Xiaopeng’s team can hold on to the Asian Cup in 2023 still needs to weigh carefully from all sides.But he led the team through the final 12, will be a big probability.That is to say, Li Xiaopeng did not resign crisis, the management team will not change.In the end, Beiqing said: “China’s away defeat in Vietnam is a heavy blow to the National football team and even Chinese football. Regarding the loss and elimination from the round of 12, the team management and coaching team will summarize, who should take what responsibility, and there will be a clearer statement in the future.With the national team losing to Vietnam, the pressure is on myanmar.After a look, I really think the National football team will lose myanmar.In 2018, the national football team played a warm-up match against Myanmar.Thanks to a goal from Wu Lei, China won 1-0 against Myanmar and even came close to a late equaliser.Despite the fact that Marcello Lippi has recruited a lot of new players for this warm-up match and wants to rehearse the line-up and look at the players, the Myanmar squad has a very impressive roster and the myanmar national team is also a very young team.The oldest is goalkeeper Kyaw Shin Tae, who was 31, and the youngest is defender Yeyin Ang, who was 20, with an average age of 23!Most of the team’s players are now in their prime, and most of them have become regulars of the current Myanmar national team.China’s lineup was 12-Yan Junling, 21-Yu Hai (62'3- Wang Shenchao), 4- Yu Yang, 5- Zhang Linpeng, 20- Zhang Chengdong, 15- Wu Xi (62'11- Wei Shihao), 10- Zheng Zhi (71'17- Fan Xiaodong), 29- Zhao Xuri (81'24- Deng Hanwen), 7- Wu Lei, 14- Huang Zichang (76'19- Chen Binbin, 9- Xiao Zhi (61'28- Chi Zhongguo) after four years, we will find how the Chinese team or this few people, when the prime of the Chinese team against the young Myanmar almost did not win, is now in the prime of myanmar against the elderly Chinese team, the outcome will be how?Some say why don’t we send in the young?Because our young power is more heavyweight, On November 19, 2019, 19:35 Beijing time, Dazu Stone Cup, China U22 vs North Korea U22.Soon after the beginning of the second half of the North Korean team a soldier was two yellow off, more than a dozen of the Chinese team still beat north Korea!Finally, China 0-1 North Korea…Vietnam after the game, former CCTV media liu Jianhong said about the National football team: disbanded?Chinese football must not be disbanded, there must be a Chinese men’s football team to prove that you do not work hard, will be a disgrace.But Liu Jianhong also know that they do not work well but also can get ordinary people a few lifetimes can not get the money, you say not angry!