Xianyang these 4 universities, has been exposed, graduation certificate is worthless, when registering for an examination to be careful

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Xianyang city is one of the prefecture-level cities in Shaanxi Province. It is a city with the best economic development and educational development in the province after Xi ‘an, so there are some universities worth registering for.However, with the continuous development of local education in the past two years, there have also been some “pheasant universities”, which have been exposed recently. Here is a look at it with xiaobian.Shaanxi Institute of National Defense Technology shaanxi Institute of National Defense Industry Technology was founded in 2015, as a junior college, such a name is really good to hear, so there are also candidates to register.But this school is actually just a “pheasant university “, not worth applying for.The school has no qualifications at all, a school that is not recognized, not only the teaching level is not up to the standard, but also the scale of the school is not up to the standard, and the school tuition must be not cheap, so the examination will be cheated, the school just to make money.Although college of Shaanxi academician of Shaanxi academician of medical Sciences of Shaanxi academician of medical sciences is the university of a medical science kind, but also be a “pheasant university”, because do not run a school level, the country also did not issue licensing certificate to this school all the time, so this school is run a school without card all the time.The school was established in 2018. Although it was not long in school, some students were cheated, and finally went to study for 5 years, but they got nothing. I don’t know that it was a waste of time and money.Shaanxi Institute of Science and Technology Management Shaanxi Institute of Science and Technology Management is a school of science and technology, so it is very popular, because the proportion of such schools in colleges and universities is not high, but the talent demand of relevant positions is very large, so this type of school is very popular with examinees and parents.But this school must not enter oneself for an examination, because the school also is a school that does not have school permit, the student that enter oneself for an examination also does not have school roll, go up so also is white go up.Shaanxi industry and trade vocational college Although shaanxi industry and trade vocational college is a junior college, but it is really a “pheasant university” that is not recognized by the country.This school has been using the name of a local technical secondary school close to recruit students, so can have examinee enter oneself for an examination, also be because everybody often mix them up.Actually, this school even technical secondary school such secondary vocational school does not qualify, not to mention is junior college school, see this school so certainly do not enter oneself for an examination.Xi ‘an Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering although the school named after Xi ‘an, but the school is indeed in Xianyang City, the school has been promoting itself as a branch of xi ‘an regular university, so the name of the school is also with Xi ‘an.As an engineering major based school, the school also has a lot of candidates to enter for examination, because such a school, the establishment of the major is the current national key construction of the major, the relevant posts are also in great demand for talents, so it is good employment, salary is also good.But this school certainly cannot enter oneself for an examination, because the school does not have run a school qualification at all, not be approbated by the country, although enter oneself for an examination for this school so, what after graduation in the future is not gotten, graduation certificate is false, degree also is false, also be bad to look for a job so.Conclusion: So these schools after seeing them, must not sign up.Before entering oneself for an examination of the university, must check clear school running information, normal university, choose to enter oneself for an examination again, want some more cautious.The author said: opportunities are left to those who are prepared, so whether you can play the “college entrance examination” battle, or to study hard to learn more exciting content, come to pay attention to the education vane