Digital RMB App updated again?How to use a hard wallet

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As the pilot areas, scenarios and functions continue to expand, the digital RMB experience boom before the Spring Festival can be described as wave after wave.On January 26, Beijing Business Daily learned that the digital RMB App service has recently added a tieyitiao function, which can read the device loading the digital RMB hardware wallet.According to actual measurement, as long as the NFC function of the mobile phone is opened and the hardware wallet is kept close to the NFC area of the mobile phone, the mobile App can immediately read the information of the hardware wallet and change the hard wallet into a sub-wallet of the App.The reporter of Beijing Business Daily learned that the hard wallet has the characteristics of small amount and anonymity, including card hard wallet, bracelet hard wallet and other forms, easy to use and easy to operate.After the “Tieyitiao” function is launched, the digital RMB App can set the payment password, recharge, query the balance and transaction details, and cash out of the hardware wallet.During the Winter Olympics, consumers at home and abroad can also choose digital RMB App or digital RMB hardware wallet according to their own habits and preferences.The so-called digital RMB hard wallet is simply a carrier of digital RMB, which can be used without the need to download the corresponding mobile App.Beijing Business Daily learned from sources familiar with the matter that consumers can obtain and open digital RMB wallets through channels such as bank of China outlets at the Olympic Games, self-service exchange machines and some designated hotels, and use digital RMB in various consumption scenarios within the closed loop area.For example, card wallet and bracelet wallet are mainly used in sports, no signal and cold weather. Users can still complete digital RMB payment quickly with the help of the above tools when it is not convenient to use mobile phones.Pan Helin, a member of the Information and Communication Economy Expert Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and executive dean of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, commented that Tieyi can free the hardware wallet from the shackles of the offline scene and integrate it with the online purchase mode.If you want to use digital RMB but lack digital RMB App download channels, you can connect with China’s e-commerce system through hardware wallet, thus expanding the number of digital RMB applications.Business newspaper reporter learns from the aspects of jingdong, in addition, Beijing has already opened digital yuan “hardware wallet” function of online consumer users in jingdong App purchases in proprietary in payment link choice only “digital renminbi” in the “wave and pay card” function, used mobile NFC chip digital yuan “hardware wallet” to pay,It takes the same time as normal payment.The feature is now available to users in some pilot cities and works on most major Android devices with NFC on the market.In addition to facilitating services for the Winter Olympics, the Spring Festival, the traditional offline consumption peak season, will also usher in a new wave of trial digital RMB.On January 26, Meituan announced that it would open the digital RMB payment channel for all offline consumption scenarios on the platform, allowing users to pay in DIGITAL RMB and receive exclusive consumption subsidies when buying fresh produce, taking a taxi or watching movies.From the linkage of soft and hard wallets and the coverage of online and offline, the digital RMB pilot shows unique social value.Not long ago, Meituan also launched a carbon neutral trial of digital RMB, and made use of the smart contract function to offer a red envelope for post-epidemic work and production in Xi ‘an.The Spring Festival is the peak of payment demand. In the view of the industry, the Internet platform takes digital RMB as a new function and traffic entrance, which can not only promote the pilot, but also drive the sales of goods, and even promote the integration of new business scenarios and digital RMB, and promote the development of new business formats.