During the Spring Festival holiday, the urban heating service of Yantai will be upgraded again

2022-05-08 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday this year, urban heating services were upgraded.In order to allow the general public to celebrate the Spring Festival in a warm and peaceful atmosphere, the City administration bureau issued the “Notice on doing a good job in the Spring Festival and during the TWO Sessions heating security work” before the festival, planning to do a good job in the Spring Festival heating service security work.During the Spring Festival, urban heating enterprise workers abandon the opportunity to reunite with their families, continue to stick to the front line of heating production, drive away the cold in winter, send the warmth of spring for the general public, spend a happy year of comfortable warm heart.In the monitoring center of heating enterprises, heat exchange station can see the busy figure of front-line heat workers, they carefully monitor data, control pressure check, inspection equipment, investigation and disposal, the work in an orderly manner.In order to cope with the maintenance of bajiao Power Plant, Yantai Development Zone Heating Co., Ltd. started two standby heat sources in advance and stopped for continuous heating to ensure the normal operation of heating system during the festival.On February 4, Yantai 500 heating Co., LTD. Dayang section of two successive network leakage incidents, heating units immediately started emergency rescue plan, quickly formulate emergency repair plan, send more manpower to rush repair.The municipal Urban Management Bureau and the municipal Digital City Management and Service Center were in charge of the on-site command and dispatch of emergency repair work.After continuous efforts, the two leakage points were repaired by 11 am and 9 PM respectively, and the normal heating was resumed on that day to minimize the impact of the heating shutdown.After the heating front of the majority of workers hard work, to the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the city’s heating situation is generally stable.Next, the Urban Management Bureau will continue to do a good job of heating security during the Winter Olympic Games, Winter Paralympic Games and the upcoming national “two sessions”, strengthen the dispatching and supervision of the self-provided heat source coal reserves of heating enterprises, do a good job on duty at important time nodes, and ensure the successful conclusion of the central heating work in this heating season.