Enshi a primary school “high five” hit the heat of the new semester “three tigers” together to the future

2022-05-08 0 By

Yunshang Enshi report (correspondent Li Li Hu Rong) On February 18, Enshi Longfeng Town Xiaolongtan primary school to carry out the “high five for about, together to the future” spring semester opening ceremony activities.First of all, the school principal Liu Nian proposed the new semester new hope to the classmates, she hopes the students learning in the New Year do “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” smart “tiger”, the “looking dignified and strong” joy of life, the “tiger”, “2” on the body of the robust “tiger”, at the same time she wants all the teachers and students play the spirit of “newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger”, go forward,Fight hard.Later, the Dean’s Office and the Moral Education Department commended the “progressive students”, “beautiful students” and “excellent parents” for the fall 2021 semester respectively.Finally, the students shook hands with their teachers and classmates, determined to study hard in the new semester, exercise diligently, help others, and be willing to work, to do a comprehensive development of the new era of primary school students.