Jon Chen, 42, is a sun-tanned woman with a thin figure and bulging neck veins and saggy skin

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Since Chen Fell in love, she has completely ignored her career and has always been by her boyfriend’s side. She often saw the two of them go out to eat delicious food and get together with friends. They also traveled to various places together, leading a very comfortable life.Recently, Jon Chen posted another set of photos, this time different from the usual is not refined, is from her boyfriend Alan’s perspective, Jon Chen should be very happy that day.Joan Chen, 42, has reached middle age, but she has always maintained very well, known as the “goddess of youth” by her fans, but since the last time she was discharged from hospital, the state of Her skin feels very different from before.This time, in her boyfriend’s shot, Joan Chen appeared without makeup, even without lipstick. On the same day, Joan Chen wore a black dress and smiled happily to the camera. Maybe it was her boyfriend who took her picture.From the photos, We can see that Joan Chen is extremely thin, her legs are like chopsticks, and her face feels meatless. Under the condition of pure makeup, her skin feels more relaxed than before, and her gaunt face looks like an old woman, which is completely unrecognizable.As expected, time is pushing people old, even the goddess can not resist the passage of time, after magnifying the photo, see Chen Jon neck veins raised, thin to take off the phase is not really fat before the appearance level is high.There is also a photo of Joan Chen looking back and smiling. It is hard to look at. The skin on her neck is loose with three folds and her face is sunken in.However, her boyfriend, Ellen, has liked the photo as soon as It was posted. Since the official announcement of their relationship, Ellen and Chen have moved to live together with her boyfriend for half a year after they were separated due to the epidemic.Their two feelings are also getting better and better, no matter what Jon Chen becomes, presumably Allen will like, love a person no matter how she will love.Chen is nine years older than Allen, and at her age, she would be considered an advanced mother if she had a baby, but no good news has come.Ellen’s family conditions are also very good, Jon Chen in the entertainment industry struggle for so many years, I believe that the economic conditions and Alan should be equal, with Jon Chen’s gene, if a baby, must be very beautiful.Fans are happy to see that the two are developing so steadily. They are living a life of eating and playing, and hope to hear good news from them soon.But even if there is no baby, the two of the world is happy and very happy, I hope they can continue to be sweet.If you have any ideas, please leave a comment in the comments section.