Or because of chip shortage!Orders for ne Zha U Pro400 cruise version, priced at 104,800 yuan, will be suspended

2022-05-08 0 By

Recently, THE author learned from relevant channels that Nezha U Pro400 cruise version, priced at 104,800 yuan, will stop receiving orders. The model has also been removed from the configuration table on the official website. As for whether it will be completely discontinued, it is still unknown.It is reported that the main reason the car stopped receiving orders is the chip supply shortage.It is worth mentioning that recently, due to the impact of a variety of factors such as subsidy withdrawal and chip shortage, some independent brands and their new energy models have adjusted their prices and updated their car lineup.From the point of view of price, nezha Automobile official recently launched nezha U Pro400 smooth version at the price of 102,800 yuan, so the 400 Cruise version can be regarded as nezha U Pro’s second-lowest model.Although both on the price differs 2000 yuan only, but in the configuration section, which zha U Pro400 cruise version of more than 400 both version 6 speakers sound system, 12.3 -inch LCD instrument and touch in the middle of the 12.3 inch LCD screen, while the latter is only equipped with 2 speakers sound system, as well as 8 inches LCD instrument and common central display 8 inches,It can be seen that Nezha U Pro400 cruise version has a higher cost performance.However, considering that the 500 Global version comes next at 132,800 yuan, nezha U Pro400 Traveling may be a relatively reasonable alternative to the 400 Cruise for consumers with limited car budgets.According to the latest data released by The Passenger Association, the sales volume of Nezha U Pro in January 2022 reached 4,527 units, with a year-on-year growth of 3704.2%, ranking the ninth in the sales list of new energy SUV, which shows that the car has good competitiveness in the market.However, according to the official website, Nezha’s current product line is not rich. In addition to NEzha U Pro, the brand also sells Nezha V series models.The all-new car, Ne Zha S, is expected to hit the market this year.The author will continue to pay attention to whether the suspension of orders of Nezha U Pro cruise version will have an impact on the following sales and reputation of the brand.