SHIB continues to push into the metasverse, settling on a project name this month

2022-05-08 0 By

SHIB’s official blog post today introduces the concept of SHIB’s metasomes and what will be in them.The following is a Chinese translation of the post, with some additions and deletions.Hail to mighty ShibArmy!As we pass the second month of the year, we often think about how exciting this year has been for all of us so far.In 2022, our workload has been focused on further energizing our ecosystem by introducing some incredible aspects that will allow us to continue to rise and shape the future.We are already seeing rapid growth in the metasomes space, which is generating a lot of interest from companies large and small.Metaverse will become one of the biggest areas of cryptocurrency for many people to enjoy, while others will produce content and developers will set up shop in it and use it as another important resource to provide incentives, content and regular royalties to the crypto community.In 2020 alone, the meta-universe will be worth an estimated $478.7 billion.That’s roughly the same size as the entire home-service industry in the United States alone!Like everything Shib has done, we will lead this meta-cosmic realm.Currently, we continue early development for Shiba Inu Metaverse — codename: Shiberse.(Note that for some reason we haven’t announced the name of the metadverse yet, but expect it to be finalized this month!)We are currently working on various ideas, while working with some strong teams to determine design terms!These “teams” will be revealed later, and as you know, we love to surprise ShibArmy.Lands: Own Shiba virtual Real Estate!Some of the biggest Metaverse platforms chosen to introduce virtual real estate are Sandbox and Decentraland.We understand the potential, scalability, and performance evolution that this type of Metaverse option brings to the community.We are pleased to announce and proud to introduce Shiba Lands!These “lands” developed in our metasomes will soon be available for purchase/auction and will be the first step towards allowing the community access to the Metasomes before they are fully released!In addition, we are developing a queue system specifically designed for the Shiba Land sales campaign.The system helps prevent robots and high GAS bills while making the process fair and smooth for our global community.The queue achieves exclusivity by requiring the parties involved to hold “$mindy”, which gives priority and exclusive access to the first sales phase of the plot in our meta-universe.In addition to the queue, we also developed an anti-dumping system to protect $mindy holders.The remaining land will be unlocked upon completion of this exclusive sale process and made available to the public.Welcome TOP Partner SHIBS to join the space Metaverse will have plenty of presentations to reward those who believe in Shiba Inu and have travelled with us from the beginning to build a beautiful community committed to the great cause of decentralization.With a great heart, we thank those who have added the Shiba ecosystem to their platform and can’t wait to welcome you to our new digital home.Finally, we have negotiated and met with a number of TOP partners on this project.It’s all about making this exciting new environment welcome with great energy and anticipation.In general, our focus is not just on disrupting the metasverse industry, but many other industries in and outside the crypto world.So we are early, but most importantly, our meta-universe is the backbone of our sustainable ecosystem as we add more utilities, projects and benefits to our beloved ShibArmy.