The National football team will win!The war is imminent, Li Xiaopeng made a significant change, the national fans unanimously applauded

2022-05-08 0 By

New Year’s day good!Today is the Chinese Lunar New Year, the first day of the lunar New Year.The Chinese national football team will play a wonderful match against the Vietnamese men’s football team in Vietnam for millions of Chinese fans.At present, the starting list of China national football team has been officially announced, li Xiaopeng’s guidance has made a significant change, the national fans unanimously applauded!Five days ago, China lost 2-0 to Japan, much to the fans’ criticism.Li Xiaopeng guided the platoon and tactical arrangement, by a small number of fans angry.Even, in Li Xiaopeng guidance personal micro blog shouted: “Not as Good as Li Tie, class is over!”Wait for the sound.As the head coach of National football Team with the highest emotional intelligence in recent years, Although Li Xiaopeng only led the National football team to play one match, he has shown a huge advantage compared with Li Tie, that is, he tries his best to meet the wishes of fans and does not bear the burden of media and fans.The fans and the media all hope to see the naturalized players on the field, so Li Xiaopeng will meet the fans and the media.Tonight world War I, Alan and Luo Guofu together into the first, is expected to let the country’s attack greatly improved.Newly minted international Dai Weijun, who replaced Hao Junmin, who was questioned in the last match, will partner Xu Xin and Wu Xi in midfield.Back line, Jiang Guangtai lei can not play, partner Zhang Linpeng, Wang Shenchao, Zhu Chenjie as the 4 back.And the hope of the whole village Wu Lei, as dinghai Shenneedle general occupy a main position, is understandable.Only Yan Junling continues to start, so that part of the fans can not understand.Either way, win or lose this lineup tonight, the fans won’t be complaining.Because, this is indeed already the strongest starting eleven of the National football team at present.Four “naturalized” started at the same time, back to November 16 last year, the National football team and Australia in the match.That game, then the national football coach Li Tie under pressure, at the same time sent Aiksen, Alan, Luo Guofu, Jiang Guangtai.In the end, China put in a stunning performance, beating Australia 1-1 and even looking to win three points.Now, li Xiaopeng only led the team to play a game, he reused naturalized players, can be regarded as the initiative to make a significant change.At present, although the National football team did not fail to qualify, but Li Xiaopeng guidance of the change let the fans see the hope, see the future.Reusing naturalized players and young players, the future of the National football team is worth looking forward to.Tonight, with Luo Guofu, Alan, Wu Lei charge, Dai Weijun, Wu Xi, Xu Xinzhen midfield needle, Jiang Guangtai, Zhu Chenjie, Zhang Linpeng, Wang Shenchao stick to the defense line, won the Vietnam team is not a problem.New Year’s Day, the national football team will win, come on!