Wanli Tongbao thick meat money, in that year it was the mother money, or sample money?

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Today we talk about a common coin in Wanli Tongbao, called Wanli Tongbao thick meat money, we all know that when the Ming Dynasty coins, there are quite strict regulations, when Wanli Tongbao coins, its xiaoping money weighs between one and half to one and three cents, that is to say, its weight should be maintained at about 4 grams,People who play Wanli Tongbao often find that Wanli Tongbao has a lot of very thick coins, and its weight can basically reach as much as 5 or even 6 grams.It is much heavier than the weight of one half to one third of the money made at that time, and even reached one fifth of the money, and one sixth of the money. So why does this special phenomenon exist?Some people doubt that this kind of coin is not the mother money at that time, or the kind of money. By starting this kind of coin, Wanli Tongbao is very thick money, but it is relatively thick, and the word mouth and the exquisite degree of casting are the same as ordinary Wanli Tongbao.So from this aspect can rule out it is not what was the mother of money, or money, of course not more likely to be illicit casting varieties, varieties of illicit casting could not have made so full that it will undoubtedly out of officer casting furnace, so the only possibility is that it was wanli TongBao furnace at the beginning of casting, because from the beginning of the TongBao wanli, already began to cast copper,Because daming Bao banknotes were already coming to an end.So is the land furnace cast money at that time, there were some cast the master of money, after a long time not cast money later have no experience, so cause the amount of time control with copper furnace cast money, control is not particularly good, is likely to arise when wanli TongBao this very heavy COINS, this is just a guess, of course,It has also been suggested that this kind of coin is not a special need to mint money.For example said money had the lights in the qing dynasty palace, it is characterized by large diameter, and meat is thick, the weight is very sufficient, historical records that specially used in the palace of Ming dynasty there are money, at the feast when or lanterns hung palace lantern, especially in the palace all need below off some money, so this is possible,Then it need casting about 1 every year of Ming dynasty is the money for the lights up, so the two possibilities, either hanging lamp, with money at the beginning of the first furnace cast money is possible, now there is no clear historical data, so through the study of the coin itself, you can guess a thing or two, this is the coin of the more interesting place.