Xing Wenxiong is finally hot!The Killer is a box office hit, wei Xiang and Ma Li’s combination is perfect

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The competition during Spring Festival is always fierce.The Year of the Tiger is no exception. Watergate Bridge, directed by Chen Kaige and starring Wu Jing and Yi Yangqianxi, Sniper, directed by Zhang Yimou, Four Seas, directed by Han Han and starring Liu Haoran and Liu Haocun, and Miracle: A Stupid Child, directed by Wen Muye and starring Yi Yangqianxi, is a gathering of celebrities.The unexpected sleeper hit, directed by Xing Wenxiong and starring Wei Xiang, Ma Li and Chen Minghao, ranked second only to Watergate Bridge at the box office during the Spring Festival, and has grossed more than 1.2 billion yuan.Mr. Xing is not well known, and this is his first time directing a film.Before that, he worked as a screenwriter.His works include The Bathing King and the Magic Brush Ma Liang unit in Me and My Hometown.Shen Teng, Ma Li and Wei Xiang all starred in Magic Brush Ma Liang, which brought a lot of jokes to the audience.From this point, we can see that Xing wenxiong’s scriptwriter ability, especially in comedy, is very outstanding, and his style is very suitable for shen Teng, Ma Li, Wei Xiang, the happy mahua group of actors.This time, Xing is finally directing a comedy film he wrote.And yan Fei, big devil do joint supervisor, comedy in the film as a whole, more mature.On Feb 1, when the Chinese New Year season began, “The Killer” took 14.7 percent of screenings, only ranking fourth that day, ahead of “Watergate Bridge,” “Four Worlds” and “Miracle.””The Hitman” came in third with 214 million yuan on its first day, with 50 percent attendance.By Feb. 2, with just one day of word-of-mouth, “The Hitman” had won over audiences and theater executives alike, rising to second place with 17.7 percent of screenings.On its second day of release, The Hitman began its comeback and continued to box office. Although it failed to beat the big-budget films like Watergate Bridge, it still remained in second place during the Spring Festival and took more than 1.2 billion yuan in just four days and 16 hours.The final box office estimate is 2.719 billion yuan.Many people who like comedy movies like Shen Teng and Ma Li very much, but Wei Xiang is still a little strange.Before The Killer, Wei Xiang, like his character Wei Chenggong in the film, had never played a leading role.With the help of Ma Li, Wei Xiang took up the main girder and completed the task of male No.1 very well, bringing countless laughs to the audience.The role of Wei Chenggong, with his uniqueness, perhaps for Shen Teng to play, may not be able to achieve the comic effect of Wei Xiang.It can be said that the role of Wei Chenggong in The Killer is tailor-made for Wei Xiang.His “grab the horse” and “bullshit” kind of performance makes him into the character.This time, Wei Xiang is really hot, is also the box office over 1 billion male hero.Look forward to Wei Xiang after the same can get a better role, continue his journey of male number one.People who work hard, actors who work hard, deserve to be seen and recognized by more people.