A mother in Zhejiang province was so docile when she bathed her “grumpy” cat that her daughter admired her for being a second cousin.

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Guide language: old mama takes a bath to the cat in the home, the character of the cat turns greatly however, net friend: this cat still quite have insight.Recently, a woman’s mother was bathing her cat in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. To the woman’s surprise, the smelly and grumpy cat was as quiet and obedient as a white rabbit in front of her mother.No matter what mom did with it in the sink, it never ran or lost its temper.From time to time will also send out comfortable sigh sound, can be said to be very cooperate.”Maybe it’s the so-called second generation relationship,” the woman said. “My mother used to bathe herself like this when I was a child, and now when I’m older and I don’t need my mother’s bath, my mother starts to bathe her kitten.”The most important thing is that the cat is also very cooperative, completely different from its usual mischievous personality.See this scene of netizens also feels very envy: “I found your elders with cats are particularly lovely, the cat in our house as a child is raised by me, every time is like a key to it is particularly not cooperate, but my mother to give it a bath when it is very fit, also don’t know if this is what reason be?””Not to mention, this cat really has a good sense of vision, maybe they know what is called respect for the old and love the young, they will always be very tolerant of the elderly and children, anyway, my cat is like that.”‘Cats are an amazing species and I feel like they have a way of reading people’s faces, especially their elders.’In fact, xiaobian think, maybe because everyone gives the cat a bath technique is not the same, the mother gives the cat a bath when the action will be relatively light and skilled, let the cat feel comfortable and enjoy, naturally will not resist bathing, small animals are very simple.What do you think about this?Does your cat respect the old and love the young?