Fingertips public welfare care for children with blood cancer, easily and quickly raised 220,000 yuan for charity

2022-07-11 0 By

In the traditional sense, public welfare is something that needs to be taken seriously. However, with the influence of a series of factors such as changes in the social environment and advances in digital technology, the emergence of platforms for fundraising and relief for serious diseases such as Easy Fundraising has given the public a new perspective and understanding of public welfare.With the click of a mouse or the movement of a finger on a mobile phone, money can be donated to needy groups. This kind of finger-tip charity has become a national culture.Fan Yan (pseudonym), who lives in Yang ‘ao village, Wuyun Town, Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province, harvested 220,000 yuan for her son suffering from leukemia by easily raising donations from loving people.Unfortunately for Fan Yan, her nine-year-old son was suffering from leukemia, which had exhausted all the family assets. The next step was to continue chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, which was extremely expensive.But she is also lucky, she launched on the easy fundraising platform for help has been the response of the majority of caring people, fast fundraising, cash withdrawal fast, fast review, for her son brought hope.The easy money raised for fan Yan’s family is undoubtedly a timely help.”I also had no idea that the easy platform would be so trustworthy.”Fan said she was a little hesitant when others recommended easy money, fearing that no one would respond to her requests for help.However, with the enthusiastic help of the easy fundraising consultant, she still summoned the courage to submit relevant materials, complete the certification, and appealed to the caring people from all walks of life on the platform, hoping that everyone can help their sick children.Time is of the essence, and effortless fundraising is very fast. Fan Yan launched her fundraising campaign on January 22. In less than a week, more than 7,000 people have helped her on the platform, raising more than 220,000 yuan, nearly two-thirds of her fundraising goal.It is understood that all fundraising projects carried out in easy chip, cash withdrawal is 0 handling fee, audit staff 7×24 hours quick review, to ensure that funds can be given to patients as soon as possible, to help them timely treatment, truly for the user’s life “race against time”.Every fundraising consultant will go out of their way to teach patients how to initiate, how to forward, how to seek more people’s help, and even take the initiative to help contact more channels to spread the patient’s help information.There is no such thing as love without a reason. has become a trusted platform for patients with serious diseases in difficulties, and can truly achieve fast fundraising, cash withdrawal and audit, because it adheres to the long-term business philosophy and penetrates the “good DNA” into the frontline.From the enterprise itself to every staff, we take the original “kindness” as the basic principle of doing things, and do everything possible to help these patients in need.On the easy platform, everyone is also carrying the DNA of kindness, willing to help others, transmit positive energy, and let the world be illuminated by the light of hope.