How many people mistake these real movie scenes for special effects?Cheated for years lol

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Life is like a play, all by acting. These days, the glass walkway is also covered with film. The ground is really slippery, but the car is not parked in the right place.I want fish and nobody stops me!I went to!I want to know how will stop to say that the daughter to raise rich, the boy to raise poor?Buying a car is good, work will be much easier later!This girl knows how to hold her head and jump.Hedgehog how to coax is angry to tell the truth really don’t have to pour, one can not well you can like this in the past, not science since you want to break up with me, don’t blame me you’re welcome across the screen all the breath of nervous young man you, want to die me unexpectedly long feather eldest brother, you are so afraid of no technology, caught by the teacher?I can’t even work on a construction site. My dog is so good at pretending that I can’t even scratch him. You have a bold way of drinking beer.Love money cat, this is all mine!Dude, you probably have the urge to make a cat stew don’t touch me, I just want to jump on the bank to find his tylan?A girl who keeps working out!Your concentration is good, looked for a long time did not fall brother, you walk too slow, LET me help your brother, this must be your girlfriend!Who are you bringing food to?A man gets drunk and feels like the world is his oyster!Grandpa, your cow is really strong!Girl, you eat like this, can you invite me to dinner!This big brother has been trained in boxing. He is so tough. Is this a dragon?Groom: Let me out of the car. I want to be quiet!Don’t get me wrong, they sing diamond Sutra at KTV!Is this a cake grab?I have a dream. I want to go far away and see Golden Retriever look like this after his broken heart. Do you still want that?It’s better to let loose than to be depressed this duck seems untrained and somehow has the urge to cheer up it’s too dangerous to cross the street it looks exciting but it hurts so much how many people mistake this for special effects?Have been cheated for many years, haha test your eyesight, take a good look at this picture, please write your answers in the comments section.