It must be the hottest song of the year, and Guangzhou sang it perfectly. It blew up!

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I am a fire, a fire in winter!Today, New Year’s Eve, Guangzhou Daily “a fire in winter” original MV officially online!”A fire in winter” MV by guangzhou Daily editor He Chao lyrics, music editor Teng Huiqi composition, singer Liu Binhao public welfare singing, Guangbao G video shooting.MV takes fire as the theme clue, connecting the moving warmth and surging power of the company, city and country.The fireworks of thousands of lights, the New Year atmosphere of Guangzhou, the passion of the Winter Olympic Games, the hot trend of the development of the city and the country, and a fire in everyone’s heart…As the lyrics and tunes continue to rise, a sense of fire and power arises.Hard-working neighbors of breakfast shops, couples rushing to reunions, warm and loving community workers and the elderly, snowboarders training hard, builders of beautiful cities…The video focuses on the stories of many ordinary people, who are the epitome of thousands of strivers.People, the city, the country to advance together, together write a high and upward forging ahead.MV comprehensive use of time-lapse photography, upgrade photography and other shooting technology, which also uses FPV through the machine to shoot, take you through the beautiful Guangzhou.Liu Binhao, the young singer who participated in the charity singing, was born, lived and studied in Guangzhou. After receiving the invitation of the creative team, he quickly practiced singing and studied the song, and participated in the live shooting of the publicity Center. He also tried rapping during the recording.”It’s a great pleasure to be able to cheer for the athletes and their hometown in this way,” Liu said.”A fire in winter” music this must be the most “fire” MV this year, forward transmission, burning together!I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!Guangzhou daily product producer: Jiang Yongzhong, Xu Fang, Rebecca total producers: dong-fang zhao, novel Yu Jing, soup total plan as a whole: He Chao, wheat ailing singing: Liu Bin green.ten composition: TengHuiQi lyrics: He Chao production: services information G video music as a whole: wei-qing zhang, Chen Xiangjun, TengHuiQi/guangzhou daily, new huacheng reporter: wheat ailing figure/guangzhou daily, new huacheng press:Poster design: Yan Yongzhen, Li Xin, Shao Quanda Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Editor: Zhao Xiaoman Guangzhou Propaganda cultural personnel training special funds project