Known as the Princess of China, she has an elegant temperament. Her grandfather was a communist Party veteran, and her father was a deputy state official

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Comrade Chen Yun as the home of the proletariat revolutionary class of the older generation, the overwhelming majority of Chinese people mention the word of reform and opening up, the first time absolutely can think of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, after all deng Xiaoping is the chief designer of reform and opening up.Many people are even more direct and arbitrary, “there would be no reform and opening up without Deng Xiaoping”, this kind of statement is more or less absolute, but we must not ignore grandpa Deng’s contribution and contribution to the reform and opening up.To mention Grandpa Deng and the reform and opening up, we must mention Comrade Chen Yun.In March 1977, during the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Comrade Chen Yun, then a deputy of the CPC Central Committee, with undaunted spirit and spirit, repeatedly proposed to the organization that Deng Xiaoping come to preside over the work.At that time, Deng Xiaoping was still in the final state of “three falls and three rises”. Although the haze of the Cultural Revolution was about to dissipate, the national political situation was still very severe at that time.With comrade Chen Yun’s repeated proposals, a “general atmosphere” was soon formed among the Party Central Committee and the people of the whole country. In short, it was a kind of consensus, because Chen Yun’s proposal to let Deng Xiaoping return to work was not based on the party’s heart, but in accordance with the public opinion.Under this trend of party and people’s consensus, Deng Xiaoping made a successful comeback in July of the same year.If it had not been for Comrade Chen Yun’s efforts to turn the tide and reject popular opinion, it would have taken some time for Comrade Deng Xiaoping to return, which meant that the time of reform and opening up would have been delayed for a period of time.According to the development trend of China at that time, if the reform and opening up were postponed for a few years, the impact on China would be unimaginable.Comrade Chen Yun in the most critical moment to save the party and the people’s impact and value is immeasurable, we should always remember this great man of The Times.The hero mentioned in this article is Chen Yun’s granddaughter Chen Xiaodan. Although she is a girl, she can take the initiative to look like her grandparents in all aspects, inheriting and carrying forward the excellent qualities of her elders.Chen Xiaodan’s father was Named Chen Yuan, a famous economist in modern China.Compared with Chen Yun, Chen Xiaodan’s grandfather, his father Chen Yuan is an extremely low-key person who seldom accepts public interviews and discussions in his life. However, the introduction of Chen Yuan is extremely remarkable.Chen Yuan graduated from The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Later, with his excellent working ability, he went to the United States for further study and served as the director of the Economic Research Institute there.After several years in the United States, Mr. Chen was later appointed chairman of KFW because of his expertise in finance over the years.All in all, Chen yuan has lived up to his father’s expectations. After all, like his father, he grew up to pursue a political career, and in his own way, he has been practicing what his father taught him.Years later, Chen was promoted to vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), making him a trouble-free vice-state cadre.He is very similar to his father. Before his father Chen Yun was alive, he had reached the highest level of vice state leadership, and now Chen Yuan has reached the political height of his father.But there was one thing that Chen Yuan could never deny in his heart: his father was always a lofty mountain that he could not surmount.Born in such a family, Chen Xiaodan naturally received good education at an early age. The education of her parents from childhood to childhood made her develop a personality accomplishment that seemed to be born with her.And Chen Xiaodan also inherited the mother of the most perfect genes, looks particularly extraordinary and refined, many foreign friends comment that she is the “Oriental beauty”.During her undergraduate years, Chen Xiaodan did not stay in China, but was sent by her family to Duke University in the United States with good grades. There, she chose her favorite major, economics, and was never bored with it.In the foreign life circle, Chen Xiaodan’s friends do not know her background at all, and Chen Xiaodan also revealed that he does not want to feel any pressure because of her background.In 2006, Chen xiaordan, who was in her 20s at the time, was one of only 250 invitees from around the world invited to the annual Paris Cleon Ball.That night, Chen Xiaodan was very honored to be the first dancer to enter the hall in full dress. The elegance and decorum emanating from inside and out is inimitable.With this kind of graceful posture, as well as the otherworldly temperament, the success of this woman from China won the warm applause and cheers of countless audience, Zhang Xiaoguang was honored to win the title of “Oriental beauty” at the ball.This is a long story, comprehensive Chen Xiaodan all aspects of the “not good”, whether it is a prominent identity background, or outstanding proud talent and appearance, let her become the world’s deserved “Chinese princess”.