This event is so heart-warming…Qilihe District launched a new era civilization practice activity called “Sincere and heart-warming family photo”

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Stamp above the blue word pay attention to us oh!In order to carry forward traditional culture, enrich people’s holiday life, advocate healthy and progressive, civilized holiday new fashion, create civilized festival atmosphere of joy, joy and harmony.On 27 January, qilihe district party committee propaganda department, qilihe district new era civilization practice center office auspicious lei feng team hand in hand, heart social work service center, qilihe district, lanzhou city photographers’ association and yellow located in west railway station east road community housing garden district launched “true warm heart” or take a family photo practical activity of the new era of civilization.During the event, qilihe District Party Committee propaganda department community cadres, cadres in the village, as well as volunteers for the west station East Road community, Huangyu town Wangjiazhuang village poor people and families brought the New Year “gift package” and festival greetings.To each place, the party members and volunteers have a long talk with the visiting object, a detailed understanding of their current life, and send Spring Festival couplets, gifts, as well as the best wishes of the New Year.In Huangyu Anjuyuan community, photography volunteers in accordance with the will and requirements of the masses, carefully capture every warm smile, the scenes of happiness instantly freeze, for each family to record a happy moment.Then the scene printed photos, will be a deputy “family photo” presented to the area of the masses.”This is the Spring Festival couplets and the word ‘fu’ written by calligraphy volunteers.” “This is the social organization of love to prepare gifts for you.” “Take advantage of the Spring Festival family reunion, take a picture of your family”…A blessing bearing Spring Festival couplets, a auspicious “fu” word, a picture of the family reunion, has been widely welcomed by the masses, has been praised by the masses.Photo source: Qilihe District Photographers Association Correspondent: Yu Guohong Editor: Zhu Yingxue Review: Chen Yaling