To stabilize foreign trade, Huangdao Entry-exit Border Inspection Station has served more than 800 shifts of international ships this year

2022-07-11 0 By

2022 has been determined as the “year of foreign trade consolidation and promotion”, coordinating foreign trade and epidemic prevention and control, is one of the key work of the immigration police.On March 23, the reporter learned from the Huangdao Entry-exit border inspection Station that, in close cooperation with relevant local functional departments and port units, more than 3,000 entry-exit (port) ships have been inspected this year, and more than 2,000 crew shifts of more than 800 international vessels have been served, effectively serving the import and export trade.”After more than nine months at sea, I can finally go home!”On March 21, the Chinese cargo ship “Jinshunhe” docked at the loading dock of Qianwan Port in Qingdao, chief officer Wang Kang said excitedly when he saw the police of Huangdao Entry-exit border control station.On the same day, the huangdao Entry-exit border control station successfully completed the shift of 18 Chinese crew members of the international sailing ship jinshunhe.Under the overall arrangement of the local EPIDEMIC Prevention and control headquarters, the crew members will be transferred to designated hotels for centralized isolation in a closed loop, and they will be reunited with their families after the quarantine period expires.The press has learned that since the beginning of this year, the Huangdao Entry-exit border inspection Station has inspected more than 3,000 vessels at entry and exit (port), conducted nearly 80,000 entry-exit (port) personnel, and served over 2,000 crew shifts of over 800 international vessels, effectively serving the import and export trade.In view of the recent outbreak of domestic situation, to actively respond to serve the Chinese crew of sailing international routes home hope eager, application from the ship, huangdao entry-exit frontier inspection station and territorial defense spreading mechanism is the member unit of synergy to cooperate, 24-hour response, accepts the crew shift application at any time, at the same time to evaluate crew entry,The closed-loop control workflow of crew shift change was timely launched to provide “zero waiting” and “zero delay” services for Chinese crew shift change, and to create a “heart-warming channel” for crew shift change.”Due to the global epidemic factors, international ships crew go ashore in many foreign ports, long-term work in the ship has seriously affected the physical and mental health and safety of navigation, we open up seafarers shifts of a dedicated channel, after the docking, the first time to give them the entry formalities, significantly shorten the procedure time, let the crew feel back to the warmth of the motherland.”Border inspection station duty team captain Xu Hongchang introduced.(Ocean News/Qingdao Evening News Chief reporter Liu Zhuoyi correspondent Zhao Yingwu Shaoyang)