Will the new coach of China’s football team turn things around in Thursday’s World Cup preliminary round?

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Thank you for supporting xiaobian brothers. I am very happy to share the latest contest with my brothers every day. It has become an indispensable part of xiaobian’s daily life.I am confident that my brothers will support me all the way.I will go forward hand in hand with my brothers in the future!Updated daily with the latest football analysis!Japan 101 Preliminary match Japan vs China: home team Japan current situation: Japan in the latest phase of the squad, Arsenal defender Kenyo Fuan withdrew from the list due to injury, replaced by Nagoya whale player Susuke Nakatani.Since the victory over Australia, the team has seen a renewed hope of qualification, with victories over Vietnam and Oman, and three recent wins in a row.The 12 strong before the four front line performance is general, half of the tournament grains did not receive, scoring efficiency is not as good as before.In the past 6 games, the team has played 5 small games.There is an injury in the body of the ancient bridge henwu and Yoshida mahjong absence from this game, war or decreased.Li Xiaopeng, the new coach of The Chinese national football Team, will lead Akerson and three Brazilian players, Luo Guofu, Alan and Fernando, in this match.At present, China national football Team 1 win, 2 draws and 3 losses temporarily ranked the fifth, 6 points from the play-off qualification, lost this game farewell to the World Cup, full of war intention.He has scored in his last four games and has scored seven goals in total.Wu Lei has scored in the last two games in a row and has scored 12 goals in the preliminary round so far.Comprehensive analysis: from the two teams in the history of confrontation can be seen, the Japanese team is obviously better.And the last 3 times all win, psychological advantage.Fighting nearly six times, the Japanese 3-3-0, the third Asia group need the play-offs extremely difficult, so in the face of the Chinese team in Japan, they will be hard to beat at the same time, to strive for more goal difference and goals, now, after all, Japan six games, while 12 points, but they only two goal difference,Australia have a goal difference of five and scored four more than Japan.At the end of the same points in the case of the first to compare is goal difference and goals, so in this situation Japan will not be lenient.Personal recommendations: master – 103 World Cup qualifier versus Iraq Iran: the home situation of Iran: Iran has made five wins and A draw after six matches, the current in A leading position in the group A, and they present A third of the united Arab emirates (uae) lead has as many as 10 points, again be able to lock in advance for qualifying round, winning mentality no doubt.And from Iran this period of the announcement of the roster, the Persian knights basically full out, including Azimon and Taremi, including many brigade European players all selected, it can be seen that their attitude towards this match is determined to win.In the past 13 matches, Iran has won 12 and drawn 1. Only South Korea has escaped the tournament.Iraq have had A disappointing run to the round of 12, with only four draws and two defeats after six games and A 3-0 defeat to South Korea on neutral ground, leaving them in fifth place in Group A.However, fortunately, currently only Iran and South Korea are clearly leading group A, the gap between the remaining four teams is not very big, as long as Iraq can lift the remaining four rounds of matches, there is still A chance to compete for the play-off qualification, so the team’s desire to win is quite strong.Comprehensive analysis: The fundamental gap between the two teams in strength and condition is very far, and since winning this game will be able to get the qualification, so Iran’s desire to win is not inferior to Iraq, under the situation of occupying the home stadium is naturally strong.And the various aspects of Iran’s support is quite enough, so this game is also optimistic that Iran smoothly all three points.Thank you for your attention and support. Friends can talk about your views