Zhang Hui li in wu survey condolence front-line workers stressed to ensure the safety of people’s livelihood guarantee supply to ensure that the people have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival

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On January 30, zhang Hui, Li Zaiwu and other city leaders visited the officers and soldiers of the garrison troops, visited the front-line cadres and workers who stick to their posts, and extended their New Year wishes and best wishes to them on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government.Lady zhang first came to rizhao garrison in-depth communication with officers and soldiers, hope the broad masses of officers and soldiers to xi army thought as guidance, continue to carry forward the post when the hometown, depending on the people for the fine tradition of family, keep in mind the mission, not great trust, high holding training preparation, continuously improve the ability of carries out a diverse array of military tasks, to better safeguard China’s sovereignty, security and development interests.Subsequently, Zhang Hui came to the city public Security Bureau situation refers to the qin and integration of combat center, through the video site scheduling during the festival security work, to stick to the front line of the city’s public security police auxiliary police expressed condolences.She says the greater the holiday season, the greater the responsibility for security and stability.It is hoped that the public security police will strengthen their responsibility, faithfully fulfill their mission, comprehensively strengthen social security prevention and control, and strive to create a peaceful and peaceful festival atmosphere for the people of the city.In the city sports school, Zhang Hui visited some athletes who are actively preparing for the 25th provincial Games, and asked relevant departments to do a good job in ensuring the livelihood of athletes during the Spring Festival, encouraging them to train scientifically, actively prepare for the games, and strive for excellent results.In Red Star Macalline Jiayue Supermarket, Zhang Hui got to know the supply situation of festival market on the spot.She called for actively organizing supply of goods, strengthening price supervision and quality testing to ensure adequate market supply, stable prices and food safety.In the open area power supply center rizhao power supply company, lady zhang listened to all measures to protect power supply during the Spring Festival to carry out the situation, to fight in a line of condolence to the cadres and workers, request to strengthen the emergency response plan formulation, personnel on duty unattended, such as work, further improve the insurance for the capacity and service levels, to ensure that the people in the city have a bright, warm Spring Festival.In xinghai Road sanitation workers station, Zhang Hui and sanitation workers cordial communication.She said it is because of the hard work and dedication of the sanitation workers that our city becomes clean and beautiful.I hope you will continue to carry forward the spirit of dedication and selfless dedication, do a good job in daily cleaning work, and make our city more beautiful and livable.In shadun five district, Zhang Hui walked into the residents’ homes, on the spot to see the heating situation.She urged all relevant departments to do a good job of heating work, effectively ensure the quality of heating, so that people warm during the Spring Festival.Li Zaiwu, deputy Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor, visited Rizhao Customs, Fenghua Plastic Technology Co., LTD., Donggang District Fire rescue brigade, Shibei Water Works and the municipal headquarters of epidemic prevention and control to visit front-line cadres and workers and investigate the work of enterprise production, water supply guarantee and epidemic prevention and control during festivals.He stressed the need to continue to deepen the reform of customs clearance mode, and work together to promote the quick and effective implementation of various policies and measures in optimizing the business environment at ports and promoting the steady growth of foreign trade.We will implement the policy of stabilizing employment and ensure that more enterprises do not stop work during holidays.We should strengthen fire prevention and fire rescue, ensure water supply, heat supply, electricity supply and gas supply, and ensure the bottom line of safe urban operation.Regular epidemic prevention and control should be carried out in a scientific and precise manner, especially for those returning home during the Spring Festival, avoiding “one-size-fits-all” or “layer upon layer” measures. We should ensure the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control with both intensity and warmth, so that the people will enjoy a stable and peaceful holiday.City leaders Wang Xinsheng, Liu Zhaoliang, Ma Xianxia and other related activities respectively.(Rizhao Newspaper all media reporter Wang Xia Meng Xiangyan report)