A gentle hammer and a high dry list, beat “Bully your gentle” list, 9.6 points screen

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Hello, everyone, I am yao, every day in the heart of twitter, if you do not leave me will not abandon, for the best you push the best text!Click the profile picture to read other articles, there are also many recommended novels, you can also put forward your opinion or share your favorite book list in the comments below, I will timely refer to and reply to you.Gentleness one hammer and one high stem article list, beat “bully your gentleness” list, 9.6 points bully screen first: “bully your gentleness” author: curtiage small curtiage wonderful excerpt priority: “you guess?”Start of Summer suddenly stopped and turned to look at Murong, a smile on his face.Murong Yifeng ignored her and opened the meal himself.In fact now Murong Yifeng in the subconscious has been able to slowly accept this little girl, just to her without too much special feeling, at most can be calculated as a sister general feelings.Beginning of Summer saw Murong Yifeng back to his impatient look, also ignored him.He walked around murong Yifeng’s office, looking at this and touching that, enjoying himself.Soon Mr. Murong got a call, presumably from his secretary.He hung up after a few words.But looking at the beginning of Summer’s eyes is a slight change.Beginning of Summer saw the change in Murong Yifeng’s look and knew that he must have known how he came in.She knew that murong yifeng would ask if he wanted to, and she wouldn’t say if he didn’t.Still smiling standing in murong Yifeng’s window kept looking out, as if there is something fun outside the general, completely not afraid of high appearance.As quiet as a child.”Don’t waste your time on me,” Mr. Murong said after a long silence.There was a rare earnestness in his expression.Although Murong Yifeng himself is also a lot of love affairs outside but in the heart is very clear who treats him what, he would never hurt the real good to him.He can also see that the beginning of Summer to his sincere, absolutely not because of money or what.It had seemed strange, though, that one man should suddenly have such strong and unheralded feelings for another.Later, as time went by, she left.Did not expect the origin of the beginning of summer is not small, there is no need to let her spend time in a no future feelings.Murong Yifeng just received a phone call, heard the secretary asked him, su’s daughter said business to see Murong Yifeng, and stressed that the two of them to discuss the matter alone.The secretary just took Lixia to Murong Yifeng, now to murong Yifeng to confirm the matter.(click below free reading) the second: “The rebirth of the Little wife of the Secretary” author: gentle hammer wonderful excerpt priority: Sue 淽 hum, “forget it, forgive you.But as punishment, you must prepare a present for me yourself.”Xu Shengsheng mou light slightly move, immediately guarantee to say: “no problem, I absolutely will personally choose.”Su 淽 smiled and lowered his voice to say: “So birthday that day, I will also prepare a gift for you.””Isn’t it your birthday?Why are you getting me a present?”Xu sheng sheng’s mind flashed a wary.Su 淽 pulling xu Sheng sheng’s hand, “we are good friends.”Xu Sheng sheng mouth pulled pull.The “best friend” meme, it’s almost worn out.When school was over, Sue 淽 came over again to go with Xu Sheng sheng, also said to help her make up lessons.Xu didn’t want to spend much time with the femme fatale and immediately said, “I’m going to buy a gift today.””Buy presents, that one!””No, no, no.”Xu Sheng sheng shook his head: “If you go with me, don’t you know the gift I prepared for you?There’s no surprise.””Blimey, you really…”Sue 淽 has a helpless look on her face.”Good su 淽, today we don’t go shopping together, later time is much.””Yes.”Su 淽 thought next, did not refuse finally.”Let’s go shopping together sometime.”With the other party apart, Xu Sheng sheng’s look immediately light down.Doodle…Just then, Xu’s phone rang.Priority: Ye Heng’s operation schedule has come down, in order to let Ye Heng relax, Ye Yunhua always accompanied him to encourage him before the operation.Li String night in these days and Ye Heng talked several times, Ye Heng for this doctor Li impression is very good, that he is specifically for their own surgery, but also admire.Just why to help their own surgery, the reason is the cloud of ye painting casually.While the operation was going on, Ye Yunhua was anxiously waiting outside, just like before, counting the minutes.But this time, miraculously, she wasn’t as worried and nervous as she expected.The nearly four-hour operation went very smoothly. When it was finished, the experts who had been watching his operation in the observation room walked out to congratulate him. With a happy face, Li walked up to Li Xianyu and said, “Mr. Li, the operation went very smoothly.”In this way, The stone in The heart of Ye Yun painting also completely fell to the ground.Ye Heng has not woken up, was temporarily sent to the ward for observation, and Ye Yunhua followed li String night to the side of the doctor’s office, want to further and he asked about the operation.I saw Li Xian night while walking while picking masks, came to the room took off the body of the surgical gown, put on his coat.Ye Yun painting has not had time to open, Li Xian night first said: “Ye Heng’s situation is good, the specific data, such as the nurse side statistics to give you a look, the follow-up development remains to be observed.Ye yunhua nodded and a trace of gratitude crossed his face. “Thank you, Mr. Li.”Hearing the words of Mr. Li, Li Xianye moved his mouth slightly and stood in front of Ye Yunhua after getting up from the chair.His tall and straight body looked like a poplar tree, and Ye Yun Hua could only look up at him.We’re not on such separate terms now. I’d rather not call you Mr. Li.”Ye Yunhua bowed her head slightly and thought about his words for a while. Although she knew she was already his fiancee, she could not open the name of intimacy, even the full name could not come out.(Click below to read for free) See here this issue of the book list is introduced, I hope you can find joy in my recommendation, Yao will update every day, I believe there is always you like, well, we will be there next time!