Anning: improve the quality and efficiency of grassroots supervision

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“Not long ago, WE heard that our village party chief branch secretary was detained, we all puzzled, today saw the city commission for discipline inspection issued ‘cartoon said ji’, finally understand the cause.”Anning City Jinfang street village group secretary after reading the cartoon can not help feeling.It is reported that the new issue of “cartoon said ji” “village” one of the “prison road” is the city commission for discipline inspection commission recently promoted the city of a village party secretary, director of the village committee Yang mou took advantage of the convenience of the position for others to seek benefits, illegally accept other people’s property, suspected of bribery crime case as material production.In order to further do detailed supervision, effectively crack the grassroots supervision “far, soft, difficult” problem, the city’s commission for Discipline inspection and supervision constantly deepen the use of “promotion thinking”, give full play to the organizational advantages of top-down supervision and the distance advantage of face-to-face supervision, improve the quality and efficiency of supervision, promote grassroots governance.Promotion disposal clues, promotion special supervision, promotion patrol are the city’s grass-roots supervision into the “promotion thinking” beneficial exploration.Since last year, down on corruption at the grass-roots level, through comprehensive governing party to the grassroots level “the last kilometer”, the city commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee with good supervision and enforcement of this “weapon”, promotions disposal involves the village (community), secretary of the party organization, village (house), director of the committee and village collective “three-capital” problems clues, resolutely investigate violations of problems at the local level.The letters and Visits Room of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision focuses on analysis and judgment, and makes clear the way of disposal;The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision took the lead in organizing the investigation and verification of clues of major problems, and intensified the investigation and punishment of problems with strong public reaction, serious nature and bad impact, and notified them to be exposed.For solving the village collective “three-capital” management is not in place, supervision and other issues, the city commission for discipline inspection committee adhere to point with surface, with special promotions supervision as the gripper, focus on “three-capital” management, power and village cadres of the “two committees” takes office, take “the city commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee + city functional departments + pilot street” working mode of collaboration,We will launch a pilot project to supervise the promotion of village (community) collectives to higher levels of investment, investment, and management.The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision set up a special class to play the role of “baton” and “bridge” through in-depth field visits, research and analysis, supervision and inspection, collection of clues to problems, organization and coordination.The sub-district Party Working Committee takes the lead in strengthening daily supervision of the supervision objects of village (community) promotion, and the Commission for Discipline Inspection takes the lead in regularly organizing special inspections of the management of village (community) “three assets”;Under the leadership of the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection jointly carried out special supervision and inspection with relevant municipal departments, targeted and precise measures, and focused on improving the quality and efficiency of grassroots supervision.”To effectively solve the supervision problem of village-level ‘small and micro power’, only ‘precise focus’ is not enough, we also need’ deep coverage ‘.”The relevant person in charge of the city commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee, said in order to promote grass-roots supervision, walking into the deep do in reality, the city commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee in the “tour township village” for the city’s 63 administrative villages, the promotions have full coverage of 36 community through the village-level cadres talk full cover, a complete coverage of village-level financial check, found that the problem reported all over, and all the shock and awe “form,Give full play to the role of patrol sword in villages (communities) to deter and curb root causes.In addition, the research and development to establish anning city inspector rectification daily supervision system, the villages (communities) through a single system, detailed item by item, enter the rectification situation and confirm the material, the inspector institutions by the municipal party committee, the municipal discipline inspection institutions, such as municipal party committee organization department rectification acceptance department direct promotions for acceptance review of all corrective to carry out the situation, to a certain extent cracking village have a regulatory problem rectification work,Ensure that promotion inspections are not compromised and are not routine.”Going forward, we will continue to focus on the promotion of grassroots supervision, timely sum up our work experience, make grassroots supervision more solid and detailed, remove the soil that breeds corruption, effectively improve the effectiveness of grassroots supervision and governance, vigorously promote the continuous optimization of grassroots governance, and continue to consolidate the grassroots foundation for rural revitalization.”City discipline inspection commission supervision commission related person in charge said.(NieHan BiRan | | editor Wu Liu following)