Guangzhou: accelerate the promotion of the comprehensive strength of urban culture new outstanding

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Recently, guangzhou Municipal Party Committee held a meeting of the Standing Committee to convey the spirit of Xi Jinping’s important speech at the 11th Congress of China Federation of Literary and Arts and the opening ceremony of China Writers’ Association, as well as the spirit of the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and to study the implementation opinions of Guangzhou.Guangzhou Municipal Party Secretary Lin Keqing presided over.Conference stressed that must further study appreciate xi general secretary of the important speech spirit, the unity of the thought and action to the CPC Central Committee about literary work deployment requirements, with intense historical initiative to promote development and prosperity of culture enterprise, constantly create a new situation of guangzhou art work, accelerate the urban culture new comprehensive strength.First, we need to enhance cultural confidence.Focusing on the mission of raising flags, gathering people’s support, educating new people, revitalizing culture, and displaying the image of Guangzhou, we will build a culturally strong city with high quality, deepen the cultivation and practice of socialist core values, strengthen the protection and inheritance of history and culture, and display the image and charm of Guangzhou through literary and artistic forms.Second, we need to focus on the creation of fine works of literature and art.Vigorously implement the prosperous guangzhou the five-year plan of action, fully tap the red culture, lingnan culture, rich cultural resources, such as increasing support literary and artistic creation, promote upgrading the original power, focusing on a large bay area of guangdong construction and old city new vitality, gives prize “four new” more work, constantly polish urban culture brand.Third, we need to strengthen the training of qualified personnel.We will improve the management system and mechanism for training literary and art talents, deepen the reform of city-owned literary and art institutes and troupers, care for literary and art talents at the grass-roots level and young people, and form a cluster of literary and art talents to attract more artists to Guangzhou, fall in love with Guangzhou, and write about It.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Chen Qian