“On behalf of the members of the performance of duty story” eight performance notes “out of” hot suggestions

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On the afternoon of February 15, when our reporter interviewed Li Xiaoli, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, a model worker in Anhui province, and a dispatcher in Hefei Fenghua Auto Parts Co., LTD., she had just returned to work after completing her duties at the Hefei Intermediate People’s Court.During the morning meeting, her notebook was filled with two pages of “dry goods”.Since becoming a deputy to the National People’s Congress four years ago, Li Xiaoli has used up seven such notebooks.In 2006, Li Xiaoli joined Hefei Fenghua Auto Parts Co., Ltd. as a finishing planer.Metalworking, riveting, stamping, fuel tank…She has done almost every kind of work in the workshop.Workers admire her two “100%” standards — the workshop by her hand sent products, 100% qualified;The company gave her the task, 100 percent on time, quality and quantity.Such “ingenuity” was also brought to the performance of her duties.”January 2018 to the end of August, September 2018 to March 9, 2019…”Li xiaoli marked the time and serial number on the cover of each notebook for easy reference.And a hot search suggestions, is from these performance notes “go” out.At last year’s NPC and CPPCC sessions, Li Xiaoli brought nine suggestions, among which suggestions on lowering the price of dental implants and extending the Spring Festival holiday became a hot search, causing heated discussions inside and outside the conference hall.”In a hospital below the county level, the oral treatment clinic receives about 30 patients every day on average, and the average cost of dental implant treatment is between 6,000 yuan and 25,000 yuan. If the whole tooth is planted, it is equivalent to buying a suite in the county seat.”Li Xiaoli wrote in a proposal on standardizing the cost of dental implant materials and including their treatment and service costs into medical insurance.In January last year, Li Xiaoli, who had been suffering from toothache for more than a month, went to the hospital. After diagnosis, the doctor suggested her to have three teeth implanted, but she was put off by the expensive cost of tooth implantation.She wrote the advice after visiting hospitals and dental clinics and collecting first-hand data.After the two sessions, Li Xiaoli received a letter from the founder of an oral clinic chain.The entrepreneur agreed with her advice and shared her industry’s perspective on lowering the price of dental implants.In July 2021, Li Xiaoli received a reply from the National Health Commission.The National Medical Insurance Administration also responded to the recommendations on its website in September.These around the content of the proposal item by item response, let Li Xiaoli feel more and more motivated to perform their duties.To her great excitement, at a regular policy briefing of The State Council held on February 11, officials from the National Medical Insurance Administration said that the plan for dental implant collection was basically mature and would be implemented in some regions in the first half of this year.Li Xiaoli also has another identity – workers “mother family”.She is the part-time vice president of the Feidong County Federation of Trade Unions and the company’s union chairman.Li Xiaoli’s performance notes not only pay attention to the “small things” around the staff, but also focus on the “big things” concerning the future development of the staff and the enterprise.”Some young people feel that working in a factory is low in salary and social status, repetitive work on the assembly line is boring, and they are constrained by factory rules and regulations.This is a survey note written by Li Xiaoli after she visited a number of private enterprises in view of the recruitment difficulties encountered by enterprises.”Strengthen staff skills training, open up promotion channels for front-line workers…”In recent months, she has been thinking about a solution to the problem.Li Xiaoli, who grew up from the front line, always believes that suggestions stained with dirt are more convincing.In 2018, she led the establishment of feidong County Model workers love volunteer service team.Today, the team has grown from five to 160.Into the site, under the workshop, visit the community, run the field……When volunteering, Li Always pays attention to the voices of employees and collects expectations from the grassroots.In the past four years, Li Xiaoli has submitted a total of 21 proposals, which involve the renovation of old communities, workers’ rights and social security policies, and other aspects of the “frontline voice”, but also witnessed the continuous improvement of her ability to perform duties.