They are the guardians of family reunion.

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Time flies, New Year’s Eve arrived, behind the reunion, some people are quietly stick to it.They are the guardians of the family reunion.They are bus drivers, railway conductors and line maintenance men.They have children, lovers and parents, but they are still there to protect you.On New Year’s Eve 7 years ago, he exchanged his ticket for a marriage certificate. On New Year’s Eve in 2015, the atmosphere of the New Year was filled in every corner of nanjing Station South Ticket hall.Hua Zhipeng, a 22-year-old ticket seller, was on his last shift in his second year and had to go back to zhenjiang, his hometown, for dinner.At 17:45, there are only 15 minutes left for Hua Zhipeng to leave work, which means that train tickets for that day will be stopped.Looking at the long black line at the ticket counter, he quickened his movements, thinking, “IF I hurry a little more, maybe I can catch more people on the bus home today.”At this moment, he was fascinated by the noise in the crowd. A girl who seemed to be his age was talking about cutting in line with the passengers in the front row. Hua zhipeng’s hands stopped working.At 17:55, the girl came to him in line, “Hello, I want a ticket to Taizhou”.”Unexpectedly she cut the queue successfully, this little girl is a bit interesting”, Hua Zhipeng thought to pass the ticket to the girl.”I couldn’t catch the train home after work that day,” Hua said with a smile.That Year’s New Year’s Eve, did not have the reunion dinner, Hua Zhipeng with a day of fatigue came to nanjing station second floor aftertaste duck blood fans.As soon as he sat down, he saw a familiar figure in the queue. “Isn’t this the girl who just cut in line?”Hua Zhipeng takes the initiative to beckon the girl to sit down and eat together, coincidentally, the girl also recognized the ticket seller who had only “one side of the border” with him.In this way, the two young men who had missed the last train were talking back and forth in the warm, bright dining room, outside in the snow, and in the bright lights of the station.They met in 2015, got married in 2017, and now have an adorable five-year-old daughter.But this New Year’s Eve, he will not be with his wife and children.”But my wife is also very supportive and we cheer each other on before work every day.”Hua zhipeng said his wife prepares a “love brunch” for him every day at work.”I only work hard, due diligence to do a good job on the post, and then double to the wife, good to the child”, Hua Zhipeng honestly smiled, “these words I say to the wife face to face may not say export, but really want to say, the wife you were hard”.”I get up at 6 am every morning and ride a scooter to the station, which takes only 36 minutes on the high-speed train from Wuhu to Nanjing, and then from Nanjing South Railway Station to the workshop.The average commute time is 80 minutes. My family finds it hard, but I can accept it.”Originally from Jiangxi province, Wu entered the industry in 2014 and stayed in Wuhu after an internship.But last year through the nanjing power supply section internal recruitment examination, transferred to nanjing maintenance workshop work.Many people had New Year’s Eve off, but the train didn’t stop, so he went to work as usual.In the monthly maintenance work, at most one day to go to seven or eight power distribution stations, starting at eight in the morning, back to the workshop at midnight.”If there is an urgent repair task, our requirement is to go out within 15 minutes during the day and 20 minutes at night.So we need to accumulate more knowledge in this area.”In his spare time, Wu would study the instructions of various devices and get familiar with their principles.But the one he studied most thoroughly was his daughter.”My daughter just turned one this year and can already walk.There’s a surveillance camera in the house and I turn it on when I think of her.”Since the birth of his daughter, Wu chaohua has become a “super dad”, helping her to make milk powder, bath and change diapers. He also spends his rest time with his daughter.Mr. Wu’s wife, who works in Wuhu, spends more time taking care of their daughter than he does.”Nanjing maintenance workshop has a lot of dad like Wu Chaohua, Wu Chaohua and they get together will share with baby experience.”I can’t accompany them on The eve. If I have time later, I can take my family out to play.”On New Year’s Eve, while one twin was on duty and the other was with his parents for the family reunion, an old mother sighed at the dinner table: “Finally, I have a son to accompany me during the New Year.”The mother has twin sons who are both bus drivers and belong to bus Team 8, the third passenger branch of the bus group.New Year’s Eve, one on the night shift stick to the post, one back to liuhe with parents after work.The 31-year-old brothers, qin Lei, joined the group in November 2017 and ran route 56, followed by qin Jingjing, who joined the group in March 2018 and was assigned to route 160.Some colleagues joked that the twins have the same personality and hobbies. Even their names have one thing in common: lei and Jing.Although the advanced bus took four months, every time qin Lei mentioned the Spring Festival, he would proudly say to his brother: “That year, you were still at home with your parents, I served passengers on the road, AND I have one more year of bus than you.”Qin lei’s route 56 runs between The Olympic Sports New City in Hexi and Nanjing Railway Station. There are many passengers from other places, so the epidemic prevention and control is more strict. “Every Spring Festival, many people get off the bus at Nanjing Station and go back home by bus.We have to take the passengers home.”Qin Jingjing, my brother, has been driving route 160 for nearly four years. This route is long and passes through many large hospitals in Guangzhou, especially the children’s Hospital and hexi Branch.”During the Spring Festival, parents whose children are sick are the most anxious,” he said. “It is our duty to drive properly.”Now, two people have married and have children, only the parents still regret, the two brothers into the bus group in the first two years have spent New Year’s Eve on the post, this year the team to take care of, but can only go back to one.”Choose this occupation, you have to have a sense of responsibility, as long as the public needs, we still want to get everyone to the destination on time and safely.”Qin Lei said.Yangtse Evening News (correspondent Chen Yuanhao reporter Chen Yong) 29, Yangzhou new town Hangji community residents families, the reporter saw grid members and community residents as one warm scene.”Aunt, give you worship early years” “girl come in quickly, drink a cup of sugar water to warm oneself!”Hang set community Aunt Tao home, came bursts of hearty laughter.”The word ‘fu’ is higher” “Higher, lower”…After a long time of pasting couplets, cleaning and sorting out New Year goods, the happy “family” sat around the table and ate melon seeds.The children’s visit made Tao, who decided to stay in Yangzhou for the Spring Festival this year, feel very warm.”Aunt Tao’s children are not around at ordinary times, that their children are not in Yangzhou for the Spring Festival this year, I and micro grid liaison to their home to decorate a little prosperous.”Hangji community full-time grid member Jiang Jiao and micro grid liaison cao Jinghua, for a long time to the door linkage and care about greetings, so that they have already integrated into the “small home”, become a member of the “family”.As the Spring Festival is approaching, “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Blue Majia” can be seen rushing about in the streets, lanes, buildings and doorways of communities in the new City. They send greetings and help to the masses in their own ways.Source: Yangtse Evening News