2009 Chongqing husband murder case: the vicious female doctor hired a killer to ask AIDS woman, cloth to kill husband serial bureau

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It is said that between husband and wife, “quarrel at the bed and quarrel at the bed”, there is no conflict that cannot be resolved.But some couples from a pair of loving lovers, become eternal enemies.In 2009, chongqing produced a pileup to kill husband case, vicious female doctor to revenge “derailed” husband, do not stop at hiring a killer to ask AIDS female, did not succeed not only finally sent him to prison.In 1987, Zhang Lili, a female doctor in Liangping County, Chongqing, got married. Zhang Lili, a famous beauty in the area, broke the hearts of many young men.Her husband, He Qiang, is also a doctor, but he has a much better degree than Zhang’s. He is a serious medical graduate.Thanks to his education, he Qiang contracted a factory infirmary, factory often injured workers, so he Qiang infirmary business is also very hot.He also specially invited several young nurses to help, but this operation in Zhang Lili’s eyes, but became the prelude to her husband’s infidelity.Because the work is too busy, he Qiang often does not go home at night directly in the clinic to rest.Zhang Lili therefore suspected her husband derailed, plus so many young nurses in the clinic, but only he Qiang a male, hard to avoid zhang Lili suspicion and suspicion.But in fact he Qiang did not sorry his wife, he can not go home because of too many patients.As time passes, the suspicious heart of Zhang Lili is heavier and heavier, to the bundle of he Qiang is more and more strict also, the He Qiang that cannot bear to go down really chose divorce.The first divorce is abandoned in the persuasion of friends and relatives, but Zhang Lili is more and more excessive instead, even he Strong to go out to the toilet and her report.The unbearable he Qiang again put forward a divorce, and appeal to the court for divorce.Zhang was equally reluctant to do so, and offered plenty of evidence of the couple’s love to prove that their relationship was not broken.According to the law, a broken couple is not allowed to divorce unless they have been separated for more than two years.Can why Zhang Lili does not agree to divorce, is she really to he Strong love dead and alive?In fact, this is not the case, Zhang Lili had no feelings for he Qiang, even if there is only resentment.She thinks the victim that is feeling from oneself, do not want to see he Qiang to leave him as one wishes, not only such, Zhang Lili still secretly bought killer to want to harm he Qiang.In January 2009, Zhang Lili found the killer Xu through the clinic apprentice, the two sides reached an agreement, kill He Qiang to 150,000, cut off his feet to blind eyes to 110,000, Zhang Lili to pay 20,000 deposit.So Xu took his associates came to the clinic he Qiang ready to start, but because he Qiang desperately struggling, resulting in the last stabbed eyes to save their lives.Later he Qiang went to the provincial capital for surgery, although it cost a lot of money but finally successfully cured his eyes.Zhang was not satisfied with the matter and accused Xu of failing to do such a small thing and refused to pay the balance.A plan not zhang Lili thought of another plot, she found a patient in the clinic Liu Yi, let Liu Yi to seduce he Qiang, is to pass AIDS to he Qiang.It turns out liu yi is an AIDS patient, after Zhang promised to give her 20,000 yuan reward, she also readily agreed.Originally Zhang Lili thought this was a sure thing, but who thought of Liu Yi failed.So he Qiang is not a flower heart of the person, although he and his wife’s feelings, but as long as there is no divorce will not betray the family.Liu Yi also saw what strongman is good, do not have the heart to harm, he said to Zhang Lili seduce he Qiang.But Zhang Lili gave Liu Yi two syringes, let Liu Yi took his blood into the body of he Qiang.Not only that, she also let Liu Yi harm he Qiang brother-in-law’s son, the original Zhang Lili think he Qiang derailed, is encouraged by his brother-in-law, so also ready to revenge he Qiang’s brother-in-law.But liu was about to do it when her brother-in-law’s son’s teacher discovered him and sent him to the police station.Soon caught, Liu Yi simply zhang Lili for out, so far people just know this beauty doctor secretly how vicious.Seo and others were also arrested by the police.They also identified Zhang Lili, who was arrested by the police on suspicion of intentional homicide and handed over to the procuratorate and the court for trial.In court, the judge charged Zhang with intentional homicide, but Zhang’s parents said she was mentally ill.The court specially gave Zhang three mental examinations.The results showed twice that she was normal and once that she was sick.It rarely happens, but it doesn’t happen.Although the results are different, the judge has already made his own judgment.In the course of the case, Zhang Lili repeatedly gave Xu and Liu Yi “advice”, instructed them to kill He Qiang.Clear logic, strong purpose, normal thinking ability, does not belong to the onset of mental illness.Therefore, the court believes that Zhang Lili is a person with full capacity for criminal responsibility and should bear criminal responsibility for his behavior.According to article 232 of criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the crime of intentional homicide refers to the act of intentionally and illegally depriving another person’s life.Life is the basis and prerequisite for the exercise of all other rights, and the life of any citizen is protected by law.Death penalty, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years;If the circumstances are minor, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years.Although Zhang Lili did not start his own hand, did not succeed in killing he Qiang finally, but she caused he Qiang double eyes were injured, belong to attempted homicide caused serious injury however.Considering that the case was caused by an emotional dispute, the court sentenced her to six years and two months in prison for intentional homicide and granted them a divorce.A couple hundred days, even if there is no love and no need to hurt each other.Zhang Lili is having extremely deep resentment to husband he Qiang read aloud, after misunderstanding husband produced kill heart even, if she can let go in time, choose to divorce with husband, it is a kind of disengagement to husband not only, also be to her own redemption.Unfortunately, Zhang Lili fell into the abyss of obsession, unable to get out of the mire, and finally can only repeat mistakes, even on the road to illegal crime, and she will spend the rest of her life to atone for their own behavior.