After a decline to think of, big face younger sister angry unceasingly!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to Dayantian comics, I am the author of dayantian take you into the world of comics.President (English: President) is a republic the name of the nation’s highest administrative heads of state, the failure again today what funny things, we stay tuned, o failure mouth chanting “the leader of a country is the President, a leader of the army is marshal, the head is the headmaster of a school, the head of a class is the teacher in charge” big face younger sister impatiently say:”What are you saying for this?O failure under the big face younger sister said “hate, don’t interrupt, I will get into business” failure of narcissism o said “all the girls admire me, handsome yao, can’t, don’t say out” they heard the beginning vomit, o failure continued “and I this person heart especially good, never abandon me this as big as a cow, bad learning…”Big face younger sister heard very angry, immediately use their own iron ox work.Ok, this is the end of the cartoon, see you next time to learn more exciting content, come to pay attention to da Tian Tian cartoon Xiangge’s stinky tofu taste unique, the original ingredients are here!A decline swear never into Internet cafes, but finally caught in!