Chapter 123 The Ancient Legend of the Flying Ferry at Madu Pass (1)

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Chapter 123 The Ancient Legend of Flying across Madu Guan (1) After hearing the introduction of Cui Guan, the magistrate of Dazhou Prefecture, and Wang Huawei, the magistrate of Dongxiang County, prince Chuixian knew that the rice he ate in the Forbidden City originally came from Dongxiang County.Accompanied by lei Kui, deputy envoy of Sichuan, Song Guohua, deputy envoy of Sichuan, Cui Guan, governor of Dazhou Prefecture, wang Huawei, governor of Dongxiang County, prince Chuixian and his party went to visit Jiangkou Lake which was not far from the city.Jiangkou Lake is like a jade inlaid in dabashan, clear, bright, green, charming very much.We have visited yunwu Village, Chicken Nest stone, three dou gorge, Puguang Temple, Huangshi White crane Forest and other places.After staying one night in dongxiang county post station, accompanied by Lei Kui, deputy sichuan envoy, Song Guohua, deputy Sichuan deputy chief inspector, Cui Guan, governor of Dazhou and Wang Huawei, governor of Dongxiang County, Prince Chuixian and his party came to the famous Madu tour.Madu is known as “little Guilin in eastern Sichuan”.Madu Pass stands on the banks of shaxi river.Local people also came to guide a group of people chasing fairy prince.The prince asked Cui Guan, “Cui, what’s the story of this madu pass?”Cui guan said, “Your Highness, Magistrate Wang is more familiar with the story of Maduguan than I am. Let him tell it to you.””Your Highness, there are two different legends about Madu Pass.”Wang huawei said.Then, Wang Huawei spoke about the two legends of Madu Pass.According to one legend, in the 18th year of Jian ‘an in the Eastern Han Dynasty (213AD), Meng Zhang Fei, a general of The Three Kingdoms, marched to Bazhou. He passed the Wayaoba and fought a battle at the pass. He marched to shaxi River, where the river suddenly rose and his army was stranded for several days.The military situation was urgent and the situation was threatening. Zhang Fei was so upset and impatient that he could do nothing. Every day he drank to drown his sorrows.Perhaps it was the wine that emboldened the hero, or perhaps it was the military emergency that dared not neglect him. Zhang Fei, drunk and dim, rode his horse to fly across the river in the middle of the night.At this leap, he flew across a river and two counties.The local people were so surprised and moved by Zhang fei’s bravery that a stone tablet was carved at the place where Zhang Fei flew over a horse, and they changed the name of the village to “Madu Pass”.Another legend says that during The Three Kingdoms period, the powerful general Zhang Fei was ordered by the prime minister, Zhuge Kongming, to lead his troops to the road to capture Bazhou er and then join forces with Luo Cheng.One day, Led by lei Tong, general of Zhang Fei’s department, thousands of cavalrymen arrived at Yingchang along shaxi River in the evening.Zhang Fei had planned to march at night, but he did not expect that the river would rise steeply and the waves would become so rough that there was no bridge to cross. So he ordered the camp to be set up.However, Zhang fei forgot the advice of Zhuge Liang, his military adviser, and drank as usual.That night, Zhang Fei was drunk and full of passion. He wanted to follow Liu Bei’s example.Therefore, Zhang Fei ordered Lei Tong to cook rice, three watch across the river, surprise the other side of the dangerous pass.In the middle of the night, when the moon set, Zhang Fei took the lead and flew to the bank of Shaxi River. Seeing that shaxi River was still full of monstrous waves, he immediately sprang up, grabbed zhangba snake spear, hurried the black dragon pony under his legs, roared loudly, leaped into the air and flew to the other side.When the brave men saw Zhang fei landing firmly on the north bank without a drop of water from his men and horses, they all jumped on horseback and crossed the river.The local people were so surprised that they set up a stone tablet named “Zhang Fei Yue Ma Fei du” and changed its original name “Langying Chang” to “Madu Guan”.