Dongan Lake Sports Park, usher in the first lesson of school!Longquan Xichuan Hui Jindu School, spring is coming

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Holding hands and waving flags, the six-year-old children of grade one formed a unique scenery winding under Longquan Mountain.Their destination is Chengdu Dongan Lake · World University Games Park!On the way, the rape turned yellow and the children laughed.This is the first spring in the life of Longquan Xichuan Hui Jindu School. This is the first batch of children after they built the school. Everything is in bud.To welcome these children, donganhu Sports Park, the main stadium of chengdu Universiade, opened to the public for the first time.Here, jindu students begin their first class of the new term.Donganhu Sports Park opened to the public for the first time, welcoming the first lesson “Students of Jindu, unremitting self-improvement.Indomitable struggle, welcome the great luck!”Xu Pan, principal of primary School, ordered the first lesson of spring 2022 of Longquan Xichuan Hui Jindu School — “Inheriting the Spirit of the East Olympic Games, welcome the Grand Games” comprehensive practice activity, began!The Winter Olympics have just passed, and the Universiade is coming soon.Responding to the sports and passion of the Universiade, and inheriting the hard work and love of the Winter Olympics, longquan Xichuan Hujindu Primary School has become the main theme of the opening education this year.Headmaster Xu told us that in order to enhance the children’s awareness of physical exercise, enhance physical exercise skills, the school specially arranged this practice activity.The activity was chosen in Donganhu Sports Park because it is the main stadium of chengdu Universiade, so that children can experience the charm of the Universiade personally.At the same time, open the children’s open mind and pattern of embracing and embracing, and establish the awareness of loving hometown culture and telling hometown stories.However, because the Dongan Lake sports Park has never been open to the public, this special first lesson, or the hard-won.In order to let the children have a comprehensive understanding of the Universiade and feel the spirit of the Universiade, the school specially invited the interpreter to introduce the venues for the children.From the stadium infrastructure, location, floor area, capacity, functions and uses of each venue, as well as the high-tech used in the venue, the children listened and exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful!I want to compete here when I grow up!”Donganhu Sports Park is the main stadium for the Chengdu Universiade, and will undertake the opening and closing ceremonies of the Universiade as well as the swimming and gymnastics competitions.With a total construction area of 320,000 square meters, the project includes a sports complex with 40,000 seats, a multi-functional gymnasium with 18,000 seats, a swimming and diving gymnasium with 5,000 seats and a small comprehensive gymnasium, as well as a five-star reception hotel.In the multifunctional gymnasium, children saw the magic gym, which can compete in gymnastics, but also a basketball hall and ice and snow hall function!High-tech building facilities, let the children open their eyes, the original technology around us.Swimming hall, a line of eight courses rippling blue waves, next to the high diving platform is infinite yearning for children.Many said it was the first time they had seen a diving platform.Through the visit, the children also realized the significance of the Universiade.This time, Chengdu will welcome the world.This is the third universiade to be held on the Chinese mainland, following the Universiade in Beijing and Shenzhen.It is also the first time for western China to host a world games, and Chengdu is ready to take part.Longquan mountain, people have been boiling.In 128 days, the 31st Summer Universiade will be held here.Love Chengdu, welcome the universiade.”I want to be a little envoy to introduce more people to know about Universiade, Longquan, Chengdu and China.”2 with the winter Olympics “online” universiade, good courses to win a good reputation “my idol is Gu Ailing!I like skiing, too.””One girl told Xiaobian.After school began, she organized a theme exhibition in the school, and learned more about the knowledge and spirit of the Winter Olympics.In order to give children a better understanding of the Winter Olympics, they will be immersed in various forms such as pictures, videos and themed exhibitions.In addition to the interpretation of the Scenes of the Winter Olympics, children can also learn many stories about the characters of the Winter Olympics through the exhibition hall of “Winter Olympics Events · Character Stories.”I have to say, the Winter Olympics left children with too many examples to learn from.”I like Renzi Wei!””Gu Ailing is the best!The children not only worship, but also tell the stories behind the champions.”Gu is very strong. She fell and suffered a concussion while skiing, but she is still persevering.I admire her very much!”In addition to the champion story, in the exhibition hall, the teacher also explained the story of flag guard Guan Xiyan, so that Jin Bao were deeply shocked!”She’s a primary school student like us.But she is stronger than me and trains until 10 PM every day without falling behind on her homework!”It seems that these resolute, persistent, hard image of the Winter Olympics, has been deeply engraved into the hearts of children.A group of data, an accident, are telling children that success is hard-won, in order to dream should constantly struggle!President Xu Pan introduced that the Beijing Winter Olympics showed the world the style of China as a great power, and the spirit of the athletes is worth inheriting.Therefore, the university’s next sports work will be closely around the universiade to carry out many wonderful and diverse projects.The first lesson of this semester is to strengthen the spirit of inheritance and tree by the way of “connecting the line” universiade of the Winter Olympics, to understand the future, encourage the children to tell the story of the universiade, be good masters of the Universiade, and cheer for the universiade.”The Winter Olympic Games and the Universiade are both world-class games, and they share many same elements and spirit. Longquanyi District, where our school is located, has venues for the Universiade. Therefore, we took the children out of the campus to get to know the venue in advance and feel the atmosphere.It plays a very good role in stimulating children’s enthusiasm for exercise, increasing their motor skills and solidifying their hardworking and never giving up qualities.”Just as the universiade has long been expected, this school under the mountain of Longquan is also the future.Although the school opened less than a year ago, its well-designed moral education curriculum and far-sighted education concept have won high recognition from parents and children.Liang’s mother told xiaobian that the school is very strict about the character education and specialty development of children. Her daughter has participated in many practical courses like this one.”The doll has been here for a semester, and the biggest change is that her self-care ability has improved.Not only does she clean up her own things, but she also collects everything in my room!”Liang’s mother’s smile hides a small happiness.