Guarding healthy Spring Festival “not closed”, they are honorable to stick to their posts!

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Hunan Daily February 2 news (all media reporter Zhang Chunxiang correspondent Liu Lili video post/Zhou Menghan) The Spring Festival holiday is a good day for people to reunite and relax for a long time, but the medical staff who silently defend people’s health, the holiday is “not closed”.In the first two days of the Year of the Tiger, reporters in some hospitals such as Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital (Yuelu Mountain Hospital district) and Chenzhou First People’s Hospital saw many doctors and nurses sticking to their posts as usual.At 10:00 this morning, the emergency department of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital (Yuelu Mountain Hospital district) came to see many people.”Today I am on duty, according to the regulation is 8 o ‘clock to go to work, in fact, 7:30 arrived at the office, we usually have to prepare for half an hour in advance, holidays are no exception.It’s 24 hours. It’s over at 8 tomorrow morning.”Dr. Heather Li told reporters that she received an 80-year-old man shortly after she went to work. The old man may have pneumonia caused by a cold, and his condition is more critical. He needs to be transferred to ICU for further treatment.During the Spring Festival, there are more patients with colds, digestive tract and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and the doctors and nurses on duty are not relaxed.Tong Wenjun, a colleague of Li Heather’s in Chongqing, was on duty during the Spring Festival and was unable to return to her hometown.”My duty is New Year’s Eve shift, today was not my duty, but because there are more patients came to help.”Tong wenjun said that protecting life and health is more meaningful than celebrating festivals!Zeng Tuoye, head nurse of the respiratory intensive care Unit of Chenzhou No. 1 People’s Hospital, had fought in Huanggang for more than a month the year before as part of a medical team from Hunan to aid Hubei.In the first two days of the Year of the Tiger, she came to the department early, because there were many inpatients, the beds were always saturated, and the INTENSIVE care unit was full of critically ill patients, so nothing could happen.She told the reporter that she couldn’t remember how many years it was that she had been on duty during the Spring Festival. Fortunately, her family members were very supportive and understanding of her work, and it was their responsibility and responsibility to escort the critically ill patients. As the nursing manager of the department, their responsibility was greater than anything else.A patient’s family told reporters: “without the doctors and nurses pay, there is no patient’s health, for the patients they can not rest, I thank them in my heart!”Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: