House of CARDS | the world compete for power is a house of CARDS

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Accidentally got a full-length novel “House of Cards” translated by He Yujia and published by Baihuazhou Literature and Art Publishing House, 336 pages in total.The quality of Chinese translation is very high, and I have never encountered a stiff translation style.The novel is set against the backdrop of British politics.Charles, the majority prime minister, won re-election with a thumping victory. However, he does not want to make major cabinet changes in his second term, which means there is little chance of promotion.The decision provoked a furious response from Urquhart, the party chief.The post of whip, always in the background, seems to be a role to maintain discipline within the party.Mr Urquhart fought back, using Roger, the prime minister’s campaign manager, with the backing of media barons, to pretend to have inadvertently leaked party secrets to the opposition, drawing fierce criticism of the prime minister.Opened a bank account in the name of the prime minister’s brother, bought shares of a pharmaceutical company before the approval of a new drug, and sold them when the stock price rose after the approval of the government, making a large profit.Spread the news through the media to make the public think the PM used his power to benefit his brother…The prime minister finally resigned.The party contest began immediately.Urquhart deliberately endorsed others, then manipulated the conversation and launched attacks.The secretary general of the Ministry of Environmental Protection was a member of a left-wing movement called a Communist in his youth;Videotapes of the foreign secretary’s affairs with his mistress were mailed to his home;Minister of education’s gay boyfriend Simon came to the door again and again to blackmail and was monitored by two journalists 24 hours;The health minister went to a factory early in his campaign only to be met by a crowd of protesters and run over a woman in a wheelchair.No surprise. Some of these guys dropped out, and the other two failed miserably.On the night of her victory, political journalist Marti.Stalling finally found out the truth, naive she to question Urquhart, the results were pushed from the roof, killed on the spot.After reading the author Michael.Dobbs is a career politician himself.House of Cards, his first and most famous film, was an instant hit.House of Cards is a very fragile structure.The author divides the structure of the novel into three parts, namely, shuffling, inverting and dealing.It’s also like a game of cards, a metaphor for a game of thrones.The narrative of the novel is very simple and direct, with total points and total points, like a bunch of knots at both ends.The strands are not parallel, but intertwined;The trail was not uniformly thick. Two lines stood out, Urquhart, the chief whip, and Mattie, the reporter.This constitutes the fundamental conflict that runs through the novel.The former will dig up, manufacture and exploit the dark histories of each key figure by any means necessary to gain power, and climb over the skeletons of others.The latter, in order to expose the truth, regardless of personal safety, finally died.The article begins with Mattie.On the eve of the prime minister’s re-election campaign, Mr Storling took time off.Then, describe the scene when night falls and a moth burns to the light.It ended with Mattie resting for good.Under the wheel of power, she is just a moth to the fire.Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.Resources are always limited, so people will fight for them.Even if you’re in a small company, there are power struggles.An ordinary person working in a company can inadvertently fall into the whirlpool of power struggle and end up as a pawn and scapegoat without realizing it.I plan to write at least 1000 full-length novels, updated one a day.Like reading friends, please pay attention.What I wrote were my own impressions after reading the full text, not official statements, and sometimes I made sharp, possibly childish criticisms.The works introduced may be the famous works of ancient and modern China and foreign countries, or may be the works on the current periodical.Please be clear.