Jiuan Medical!Ten times the Monster, but the story is not finished!

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Jiuan Emperor as through the year of the ox across the year of the tiger emotional monster stock, from January 18, 2022 stock price 88.88 peaked after the perfect closing, we have issued A paper, emphasizing the ritual sense of A shares, the 88.88 leopard top of the most typical departure signal, this is also the hot money to commemorate their own had made the monster stock!Often big demon is a combination of market sentiment and the current emergency drive to form resonance and create!Is the main deliberately created!That’s how it is, when the retail mood comes to a climax, is the main shipment completed!And all the callback in mainstream plate, the hot money will return to emotional leading here again, so here’s story is not finished, we also talked about the emotions leading style, common in each big mainstream plate technical ZouXiong broken bits, money back to the emotional hot plate is also very normal, and the story is clear here, haven’t finished, after will continue to go trip to demon.At present in the rebound, after the first 10 to see whether the average will produce back pressure.Jiuan medical announced before the holiday, $1.275 billion (about 8.1 billion yuan) overseas contracts, on the basis of the original 250 million, an additional 104 million, the amount of about 500 million dollars (about 3.16 billion yuan).Add big single again, gave the hot money to do more reasons, but Ge boss, fang Xinxia obviously chose the torrent brave retreat, as for the small scattered, or look at the lively.Jiuan Medical and Cuiwei Shares are the leaders of the two hot concepts of medicine and digital economy respectively. Now, they are very popular, occupying the top two in the popularity list.The top ten list also lists a number of digital economy concepts of the younger brother, while the pharmaceutical plate only jiuan an only seedling, the plate has been a few rounds of speculation, it is likely to come to an end, but the short term also has soaring expectations.At the beginning of next week, jiuan Medical and Cuiwei Shares will continue to stage the king of competition, who can laugh last, who is the strongest, let us wait and see!For more exciting content, come to The financial xiao Zhige