“Perfect companion” : Lin Qingkun love wu Min’s way is simple and rough, how many women envy?

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Secretly gave his ex-wife 8 million yuan, just want to change her a better house, rich people show their love is unbelievable!The Perfect Partner finally got an update last night, and the rest of the show is pretty much as predicted.Because Lin Qingkun is in sun Lei home borrowings overnight experience a person to take baby for the first time not easy, also let him understand the inner world of wife Wu Min gradually through chat with Sun Lei.It was the first time he slept with his son, the first time he changed sheets with him, the first time he washed his underwear.And Wu Min because of the trusteeship class house leakage also in sister Wu You there for a night, the results were woken up in the middle of the night to send documents to sister.In Wu You’s office she saw a group of people stay up late to work overtime, regardless of eating, regardless of the phone, regardless of going home, this scene in front of her for the first time to understand the high intensity of the rhythm of the workplace.Wu Min began to reflect, understand her husband’s work is not easy, understand why he did not answer the phone, do not go home, her husband’s actions are actually in order to let themselves and their son can live a good life.See this scene, I actually have a little touched, very gratified Wu Min can no longer drill, because her previous appearance is really too made!However, these stories are almost as well as imagined, but the only surprise is that Lin Qingkun unexpectedly took out a bank card with 8 million yuan deposit from his wallet to Sun Lei, asking Sun Lei to buy wu Min a house in the name of a friend.What kind of brain and logic is that?Hadn’t he realized what his wife really wanted?But that’s not what I care about most. My only feeling is, “Oh my God, do rich people spend so much?”Remember before Lin Qingkun to Wu Min transfer money, a turn is 200 thousand, but Wu Min saw the message reminder is actually a face of disdain, would rather find their neighbors to borrow money she refused to spend their men’s money.Lin Qingkun ao however Wu Min, had to let Wu You take 200 thousand cash directly sent to Wu Min home.This way of expressing love is really simple and enviable!However, reflection on Lin Qingkun and Wu Min’s marriage, can not help but feel that they are too wonderful!Lin Qingkun, this kind of man is too ambitious, just want their women everywhere in accordance with their own planned route.In his eyes, time spent washing underwear is a huge waste of time.Fortunately, he was relatively faithful to love. It is said that rich men go bad, but he did not go bad at all.Even if his wife is stubborn, unreasonable, he can finally choose to compromise and compromise, even if the divorce is not a penny left to his wife and son.Besides Wu Min, this kind of woman in the current society should be the best, ask you have seen which woman will put a man’s big villa not to rent a house to live?Many women sympathize with her because they feel that she is so well protected by her man that she completely loses herself.But this is the reality of how many women yearn for: someone to raise, no struggle, men’s money just spend.In reality, how many people have made marriage like Lin Qingkun and Wu Min?I can’t give her what she wants, and she doesn’t need what I give.I am Xiaobo Jun, a post-90s dad, like amateur writing, thank you for your reading support, welcome to leave a comment to make fun of!(Photo source: Network assault and deletion)