32 collective suspension!What happened?

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Hong Kong Hang Seng index low drive high, the end of the red, stand to 22,000 points above, a small close up 0.19%.Closed overnight concept shares fell in the impact of hang Seng technology closed down 0.74%.Internet technology stocks were lower, with Baidu down more than 4% and Alibaba down more than 2%.The leading sector is personal products, food and beverage and transportation, among which Vida International, Heng ‘an International, Blue Moon Group and other sanitary products and fengxiang shares, China Feihe, Nongfu Spring, Zhou Black Duck and other food and beverage led the rise.Shipping stocks advanced, helped by a 78% jump in first-quarter net profit of 27.6 billion yuan, with China Ocean Holdings up more than 9% and Haifeng International up more than 5%.Short game suspended shares of small real estate rebound, including Shimao Group, Sunac China and other 32 listed companies, due to failed to issue a performance announcement before the deadline on March 31 was suspended.That was down from 57 in the same period last year, according to an HKEx spokesman.In addition, 192 listed companies, using the grace provided by the HKEX/SFC 2020 joint Statement, were able to publish preliminary results or management accounts that were not audited by hKEX and their shares continued to trade.Before the suspension of many real estate stocks by intense multi – short game.Sunac China, the day before the suspension of trading, there was a fierce battle between various forces: the long, including guotai Junan, representing Chinese institutions, bought 18.33 million shares, about 84 million Hong Kong dollars;Jpmorgan bought 26m shares with a market capitalisation of about HK $100m.Short positions included Hong Kong Stock Connect, which sold 30.74 million shares, selling a market value of about HK $140 million;HSBC and Standard Chartered, two international investment banks, also sold 20.68 million and 18.79 million shares respectively, with a combined market value of about HK $180 million.There is a sharp contrast between institutional and retail-dominated Hong Kong Stock Connect holdings: From March 18 to 31, Southward Capital Hong Kong Stock Connect bargained for sunac, increasing its holdings by 12.53 million shares; while institutional custodian reduced its holdings by 43.88 million shares during the same period.Shimao Group foreign long short confrontation: On March 31, France banque securities bought 17.4 million shares, the market value of about 77 million;HSBC sold 30 million shares, valued at around $133 million.On March 31, Evergrande Automobile was bought by Hong Kong-invested Rich Securities of about 183 million shares, with a market value of about 586 million.Mainland property in Hong Kong’s modest recovery, many small property stocks rebound in front: today, up nearly 10% of the time Chinese holding high-level results briefing, said the real estate market with the macro-control gradually let go of the entire industry, the company think the worst, the worst possible moment already gradually in the past, its full-year forecast industry should be low before a smooth process.Some stocks have seen big gains: Greenland Hong Kong is up more than 10 per cent today and 90 per cent in the 13 trading days since March 16.As the policy environment becomes better, some companies with better quality start to issue bonds abroad again: On April 1, Xuhui announced that it has successfully issued a convertible bond due in 2025, which is used to supplement the company’s liquidity and increase the margin of safety, so as to better respond to changes and opportunities in the industry.The convertible bond is worth ABOUT HK $1.957 billion with a coupon of 6.95% and a convertible price of HK $5.53.This is also the third overseas convertible bond of a private enterprise this year.However, Asahi Holdings group today fell more than 10%.As the market mood improves, large companies are buying back shares.Nomura said the current market’s relatively modest equity valuations, combined with “reasonably strong” balance sheets, would boost corporate share buybacks, a trend that meant there was scope for higher returns for shareholders.According to the data analysis of 2021 concept shares in the US stock market and a-share market, it is expected that in the short term, the market will respond positively to the repurchase announcement.Morgan Stanley, on the basis of the company’s recent sharp discount in value, market value and good fundamentals, selected some of the high-quality targets that may be repurchased: This article is from China Fund News