70,000 tourists went to 11 city-owned parks to enjoy the snow

2022-07-14 0 By

Beijing Business Daily news (reporter Guan Zichen Wu Qiyun) February 13, Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from Beijing Park management Center, to 11 o ‘clock in the morning, a total of 70 thousand tourists to 11 municipal parks to enjoy the snow scenery, the park tour environment is safe and comfortable, we all consciously do a good job of epidemic prevention measures, happy snow scenery.The elements of the Winter Olympics and the atmosphere of the Spring Festival attract tourists to take photos.Beijing park management center has also said that the city park to provide citizens snow tourist service, begins at half past three in the morning, in park, plows, snow blower for mun, such as the main area began clearing, began as early as five garden business management staff in the snow snow, holding a broom, snow shovel and other kinds of snow tools to visit, the main attractions in the main “increases with the increasing of qing,”Ensure the safety of the tour.In the heart of hexiang, up and down the steps, steep areas to strengthen safety tips, mun, ramp steps laid mat mat, additional work personnel search service, hint at any time by radio, screens and other visitors “security garden”, and in commercial outlets, creative restaurants do hot drinks, hot meals, hot water supply and service guarantee.