Homeschooling myths: How many children have been ruined by saying “I’m only doing what’s best for you.

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On November 17, 2014, China Youth Daily published a story: Zhou Hao was one of the top five science students in Qinghai Province’s college entrance examination. He had always liked machinery. He had planned to apply for Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, which has many practical courses, but his family objected.His parents thought it was a waste not to be admitted to Tsinghua university and Peking University because of his high score. His head teacher also thought he should be admitted to a better school, so he had no choice but to compromise and admitted to Peking University, majoring in life science.In the eyes of elders, Zhou Hao’s choice is undoubtedly correct, no matter in school or major.However, he could not adapt to it after entering the university. He thought that he was not suitable for the microscopic and theoretical life science major, but more suitable for the mechanical major that emphasizes hands-on operation.”I don’t like academics,” he said. “I can’t do scientific research, but many students in the life science department will almost go to graduate school in the future, which is not the path I want to take.”At this point, many of our elders offer this great advice: “Don’t try to adapt society to you, you have to adapt to the external environment.”This truth seems to be very correct. Zhou Hao is not a sensible child in the eyes of his elders. Since he can compromise when applying for the college entrance examination, he will not give up easily in the campus like Peking University, so he tries to strengthen his ability to adapt to the environment and comes up with various ways to integrate into the learning atmosphere, but it does not help.He tried to transfer, but now the transfer of Peking University is not easy.His choice of despair in the sophomore year, a year off to shenzhen planning their future, during which he worked as a telephone operator, assembly-line workers, unskilled and not good at communication he experienced the cruelty of the society, he tried to pass the frustration to let oneself to like Peking University life, accept you don’t like professional, but after the return to school, he still can’t adapt.Finally, he decided to transfer to another school, set his direction as NUMERICAL control technology, decided to choose Beijing Institute of Industrial Technicians.For a Peking University student to choose a technical school is, of course, regarded by the elders as a crazy move.After arguing, Zhou hao’s father chose to compromise, but asked him to transfer to Shenzhen University, where he worked, but Zhou Hao still insisted on going to technical school.Finally, he convinced his parents.In industrial technician institute, Zhou Hao like a fish in water, every day in the laboratory for practical operation, contact that more than 10 imported from Switzerland CNC machine.Now, he has become one of the best students in the school, facing many offers from enterprises, he decided to further his study.This story seems to have a happy ending. In a sense, Zhou Hao is lucky, because he finally breaks free from the shackles of family love and finds his own direction, realizing a happy study and independent life.But that luck was acquired through misfortune: If zhou had not been forced by his elders and had not given in out of filial piety, he might have become a student at Beihang University.Without the extreme pain during Peking University as a proof, Zhou Hao would not have been able to convince his elders to achieve his wishes.In the view of many elders, the choice of major depends on social needs rather than personal interests.As a result, majors that are difficult to find jobs are often excluded, unless they offer extra points for college entrance exams (such as some arts majors).I even often hear “XX unexpectedly read this major, this life can not be promising” and so on.In fact, I don’t think major is very important, because it is not the same as the choice of life and the direction of work in the future, but I strongly believe that talent and interest are of great importance to the development of life. Studying a major that interests me can at least help me to absorb knowledge.It certainly doesn’t guarantee success in the secular sense, but what major can guarantee 100 percent success?