Li Festival: the comic strip on the Lantern Festival

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“Make lanterns” comic strip (cover) “Li Kui Yuanxiao in Tokyo” comic strip “Yuanxiao Banquet” comic strip (cover) “fire tree silver flower, star bridge iron lock open.The dark dust follows the horse, and the bright moon follows.”Tang Dynasty poet Su flavor in the “fifteenth night of the first month” poem described the yuan snack night light month, visitors woven, a lively scene.In order to be able to more intuitively understand the ancient Lantern Festival grand occasion, the author in his comic book collection to search hard, and finally found some depicting and telling the ancient Yuan night snack people watching the lamp works, after looking at the people’s people shout, aftertaste endless.In some ancient literary works, writers often put some scenes of “making a scene” in order to enhance the atmosphere of “making a scene for the Lantern Festival”. Water Margin is the most typical one.According to statistics, there were four descriptions of the night of the Lantern Festival in the novel Outlaws of the Marsh, and all of them had “disturbances” : The first Lantern Festival, Song Jiang arrested;The second Lantern Festival, heroes to save Lu Junyi and Shi Xiu and killing;The third Lantern Festival, Li Kui in Tokyo;The fourth Lantern Festival, liangshan heroes to fight liao meritorious service but not allowed to watch the lamp, a few people stole to see the lamp, led to the story of attacking fang La rebels.In March 1958, the author owned a comic book of li Kui’s Lantern Festival in Tokyo published by the People’s Fine Arts Publishing House. It was the 22nd comic book of the popular series of Outlaws of the Marsh, adapted by Xu Tu and painted by Bu Xiaohuai, in 50 books.This comic strip is about the 72nd edition of water Margin.In the comic strip, Song Jiang, on the grounds of watching the Lantern Festival, seeks to find out the truth of the court’s “invitation to an”, but Li Kui, who is accompanying him, takes the initiative and causes havoc in Tokyo, causing disruption to the original plan.The cover of the comic strip shows the climax of the plot. Li Kui is so enraged that he grabs a chair and overthrows taiwei Yang, an official in charge of the imperial court. Dai Zong, one of the “gods and guardians”, sees the situation and rushes to restrain Li Kui.In order to show li Kui’s fierce force, the painter simply painted the chair into a state of deformation, which also reflects the sudden change of the storm.”Li Kui yuanxiao make Tokyo” comic strip in addition to the “make” plot, also describes the song Dynasty yuan snack grand occasion, I saw six streets and three cities, every house set up a lamp shed, high lanterns, the night as the day, the picture of the Lantern Festival lanterns more people countless.It is worth noting that the painter also referred to the Song Dynasty Li Song’s “watching the lamp map” in painting, painting is very great.So what was the real Song Dynasty Lantern Festival in history like?According to historical records, the Lantern Festival in the Song Dynasty was even more prosperous than in the previous dynasties.According to Tokyo Menghualu, mountain shelters were built in front of the imperial palace from the winter solstice to celebrate the Lantern Festival.The timber was erected in front of xuande Building.Since then, visitors have begun to flock to the imperial street.In the two corridors of the imperial street, people performing all kinds of strange and new skills, singing and dancing, one after the other, with loud music, heard for more than ten miles.Su Shi once spent three Lantern Festivals in Hangzhou and had deep feelings about it.Xining eight years, Su Shi spent the Lantern Festival in Michigan, lonely mood arises suddenly, more miss in Hangzhou when the Lantern Festival grand occasion, he wrote “Butterflies and Flowers in Michigan shangyuan” : “Lights qiandang three or five nights, the moon such as frost, see people picturesque.Tent bottom blowing sheng incense vomit musk deer, more no dust with the horse.Lonely mountain city old also!Play drums and pipes, but join the agri-mulberry society.Cold fire lamp frost dew, faint snow cloud hanging wild.”The scene of the Lantern Festival in the novel Outlaws of the Marsh is highly entertaining, and the storytelling novel Xing Tang Zhuan also references this plot setting.The author has a November 1981 by China Quyi publishing house “make lanterns” comic strip, it is the “Xing Tang Zhuan” series of comic strip 3, ge Mu edited, Yu Junzhi painting, 64 book.This comic strip content from the traditional storytelling “Xing Tang Zhuan,” the fifth back, about the Lantern Festival night, Ji Zhou Prefecture caught fast Qin Qiong and all the heroes took to the streets to watch the lights, on the way heard that the woman Wan Niang was robbed, they came to the rescue, killed the prime minister yu Culture and the son of Yu Wencheng Hui, thus making a disaster.This comic strip is well arranged, the plot is tight, the climax is repeated, let the reader in the fun, but also can not help but worry about the fate of the heroes.Of course, in addition to the plot of “make a scene”, the comic strip also focuses on depicting the three streets and six cities like a tidal wave of people, every family decorated the scene.More interestingly, qi Biao and Li Bao, heroes of the Green Forest, heard that Qin Qiong was going to the capital as a gift, and they clamoured like children to see the lanterns together, which revealed the unusual Lantern Festival from the side.In order to enhance the festive atmosphere, the editor also mentioned the plot of guessing the lantern tiger without a word, and the winner will receive a box of yuanxiao as a prize.The Lantern Festival in the comic strip is based on the Lantern Festival scene in the Sui and Tang dynasties.According to historical records, the Lantern Festival in the Sui and Tang dynasties was luxurious, especially in the Kaiyuan Period of Tang Xuanzong, the city of Chang ‘an was huge, burning fifty thousand lights, lanterns variety, the emperor ordered people to do a huge lamp floor, up to 20, 150 feet high, bright golden light, very spectacular.The Tang Dynasty had three days off for the Lantern Festival. The curfew was lifted and people were allowed to go out to enjoy the lanterns, which was called “Fang Ye”.Women were freed to walk the streets among the crowds.Tang Xuanzong held a large-scale yuanxiao party in front of Changan Xingqing Palace, “Ming Huang Miscellaneous records” : “Jin Wu and four army soldiers, listed the array, sheng column of flags, all wearing gold armor, short embroidered robes, too often Chen Le.”Hundreds of palace maids dressed in colorful costumes, singing and dancing, taichang Temple musicians playing broken music, taiping music, shangyuan music, elephants and rhinos have also entered, dancing to the music and drums, the prefecty-level organization of the dragon lantern land boat, circus cock fight to add to the fun, all night bright lights, singing and dancing.Even Journey to the West has a similar scene, but this time it’s not a man, it’s a monster.The author also has a copy of Yuanxiao capturing rhinoceros published by China Comic book Publishing House in November 1997, which is the 57th edition of the same series of Journey to the West comic book, adapted by Zhang Yuzhi and painted by Wang Tianhui, 64 volumes.The story of the comic strip is based on the 91st and 92nd chapters of Journey to the West. It tells the story of Tang Monk and his disciples coming to a city. It is on the 15th day of the first lunar month when the lanterns are put on.Next, the author’s usual pattern appears: Yuan Snack night, beside the golden lantern bridge, infatuated Tang monk not only did not wait to “Bodhisattva advent”, but also was to the goblins to be swept away;Then the Monkey King fought with the goblins and could not win, so he went to the Jade Emperor to move reinforcements…Comic strip in addition to the plot of fighting, but also focus on the description of the grand night snack yuan, I saw full of all kinds of novel lanterns, lamplight moonlight reflect, streamer overflow, dazzling.Tang’s monk and his disciples were afraid that they were blinded by lanterns, and they were easily won by demons under the bright lights.However, the Lantern Festival in classical literature is not always so “dangerous”. For example, the Lantern Festival in a Dream of Red Mansions is generally warm.The author has a July 2000 by the economic Daily press published the “Lantern Festival banquet” comic strip, this is the same series of “dream of red Mansions” comic strip 27, spring breeze and other adaptation, Zhang Boqi and other paintings, 64 book.This comic strip of Yuanxiao’s Night Banquet is from the 53rd episode of A Dream of Red Mansions. “New Year’s Eve at Ningguo Mansion, Yuanxiao’s Night Banquet at Rongguo Mansion.” It describes the lively scenes of Jia’s Lantern Festival.Inside and outside the verandah and on both sides of the verandah canopy, also hung with colorful lanterns;In the hall put a dozen banquet wine, set a small drama, Jia mother led rongning two house all, while enjoying the lights to eat wine, while watching the play for fun, on the way to eat yuanxiao, play drumming mei game, lively.The actual Ming Lantern Festival in history has more elements related to love than its predecessors.In the Ming Dynasty, the lanterns were put up on the eighth day of the first lunar month, and the lanterns fell on the 17th day and were opened for ten nights. Every household in the capital was hung with colorful lanterns, painted with colorful dancing figures, flowers, birds, fish and insects competing in their splendor.On this festival, not only the city of the city’s young women watch lamp tryst, and rural women also wear a new, eyebrow point lip, out of the house to step on the moon night tour, in the yuan snack romantic walk once.”Today evening he Xi Spring lights bright, Yanjing daughter step on the moon.Lamp shake bead shirt zhang Hua house, month SAN Yao light full walled city.”Zhang Juzheng, a famous official in the Ming Dynasty, described the grand occasion of the girls in Beijing enjoying the lantern at night.Not only in the cities, but also in the countryside.Tang Yin’s poem “Yuanxiao” said: “The streets are full of pearls and green village women, and the ground is boiling and strike the gods of the society.Don’t show fang Zun open mouth smile, how to eliminate this moment.”This poem describes the Lantern Festival in the countryside, and the village girls are more beautiful under the light of the lantern moon.Lantern Festival, beautiful moments, colorful lanterns, to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, unmarried women out of boudoir, had the opportunity to fall in love, the ancient young men and women by watching the lamp of the machine, meet and tryst, the achievement of countless beautiful marriage.Chen SAN wu Niang, a traditional opera, is a romantic love story about Chen SAN, a native of Quanzhou, who meets Huang Wu Niang.”Spring Lantern Riddles”, a humorous opera created by Ruan Dacheng, a scholar of the Ming Dynasty, also tells a story of wei Jiedu’s daughter, Yingniang, and Yuwenyan, who fall in love at first sight at the Lantern Festival and get married.In a Dream of Red Mansions, there are many references to the night of the Lantern Festival. For example, the first chapter begins with the Lantern Festival, during which Zhen Yinglian goes missing, foreshadowing the whole story.In the 18th, yuanchun Jin Fengxiande concubine, home mothering, also is the Lantern Festival.From this point of view, the Lantern Festival in ancient literary works, there are many events, which reflects the ancient writers to the Lantern Festival importance;And the scenes in these literary works are presented with intuitive and beautiful pictures, which also reflects the modern comic writers’ attention to the Lantern Festival tradition.