Luoyang citizens through guazi second-hand car platform to sell new energy vehicles, more than a year of vehicles sad households

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Photo provided by interviewees recently, Mr. Hu, a citizen in Luoyang, reported through toutiao Luoyang channel “Toutiao Help” platform that in July 2020, he sold a new energy vehicle through Guazi second-hand car platform, and the buyer transferred the money and drove away.Now more than a year has passed, the vehicle is still in his name without transfer.Mr. Hu received help, the reporter conducted an interview.On March 28, Video reporter of Dahe Daily • Yu contacted Mr. Hu, who said that in July 2020, he wanted to sell a new energy car of his own. At that time, he was considering looking for an authoritative second-hand car trading platform to sell the car, so he chose guazi second-hand car platform.”Shortly after I hung my car out, someone from guazi used car platform contacted me and said someone wanted to buy my car.”Mr Hu told reporters.Under the guidance of guazi used-car platform staff, Mr. Hu drove the car from Luolong district of Luoyang to a Guazi used-car trading store in jianxi.”At that time, the staff checked the vehicle purchase invoice and other materials, and test-drove the car on site. They thought it was ok, so they transferred the car to me for 9,600 yuan and signed the vehicle transfer agreement.At that time I asked when to transfer the ownership of the vehicle, the staff said to wait for a few days.”Mr. Hu said.To Mr. Hu’s surprise, the transfer of ownership of the vehicle was delayed, during which he repeatedly urged guazi used car platform staff, has been said to let wait.”It was not until last year that I contacted the staff of guazi used car platform who handled the formalities for me at that time, and he said he had resigned. Then I called guazi used car customer service hotline many times, hoping that they could handle the transfer of the car for me as soon as possible, but failed.”Mr. Hu said.”Although I have received the payment for the car, it is still in my name. If the buyer has an accident with his car, I have to take legal responsibility, so I am particularly anxious.”Mr. Hu said.Mr. Hu provided a copy of the vehicle transfer agreement to the reporter. The content of the agreement shows that: Party A guarantees that the source of the vehicle is legitimate, the procedures are true and effective, and there is no theft, robbery, economic disputes, illegal accidents and so on.To ensure the normal transfer of the vehicle, Party A shall actively assist Party B in the transfer of the vehicle and provide transfer procedures and valid certificates.Party B shall be responsible for the transfer fee in the recent period.”I have been asking for the transfer of ownership, but I can’t find a buyer, and guazi used car platform has not responded.”Mr. Hu said.When the reporter tried to contact the buyer, he found that the buyer’s contact information column filled in the phone number of guazi used car platform staff, according to the staff Mr. Xia said that he had resigned, but Mr. Hu did not sell the car transfer things he knew.”The buyer is a used car dealer in Song County, originally planning to buy the car back and sell it.There is no problem in the test, the buyer drove away the car, but the car has not yet arrived in Song County, the battery problems, the buyer is ready to repair the vehicle, the maintenance cost is too high, almost equal to the car price, the seller when he ate the dumb loss, so the car is shelked there, there has been no transfer.”Mr. Xia said.Mr. Xia also told reporters that under normal circumstances, after selling the car, will transfer within 15 days, some more anxious buyers can also transfer on the second day, but Mr. Hu’s car battery problems, so there is no smooth transfer.When the reporter conveyed The idea that Mr. Hu wanted to transfer the ownership of the car as soon as possible, Mr. Xia said: he will contact the buyer as soon as possible, and then contact Mr. Hu.Response: platform belongs to the intermediary, not promised to change the time, has been actively contact buyers on March 30th, the reporter understands customer service hotline call melon seeds used car, Mr. Hu did pass melon seeds used car platform vehicle sales, but the customer service staff to Mr. Hu’s vehicle no transfer of the problem is not clear, to inform the related department need to reporters after a reply.Subsequently, Ms. Zhang from the public Relations department of Speedshoot contacted the reporter and provided the electronic contract signed by both parties (Party A) and party B and party C of the platform.The contract shows that: if both parties fail to transfer the ownership within the agreed time, party C shall not be held liable and the risk shall be borne by the party delayed in exercising the ownership transfer obligation.The party delayed in exercising the transfer obligation hereby expressly and irrevocably authorizes Party C to pay the deposit to the non-breaching party as liquidated damages. If the party delayed in exercising the transfer obligation causes other losses to the other party, it shall be liable for compensation.Part of the Contract Before the transfer of ownership of the transaction vehicle, Party B shall not transfer the vehicle to Party A. If Party B transfers the vehicle to Party A without authorization, the responsibilities, risks, complaints, penalties, compensation and disputes arising from such transfer have nothing to do with Party C and shall be settled by Party A and Party B themselves.If party A fails to handle the transfer procedures in time for reasons attributable to Party A, Party A shall bear the responsibilities and losses.If party B fails to complete the transfer procedures in time for reasons attributable to Party B, Party B shall pay party A a penalty equal to 5%o/ day of the total transaction price of the vehicle. If the delay exceeds 10 days, other parties shall have the right to terminate the Contract and Party B shall be liable for breach of contract according to Party A’s standards.If Party B causes any loss to the other party, Party B shall be fully liable for compensation.Ms. Zhang said that at the first time of receiving complaints, the company launched a customer complaint upgrade plan.According to the requirements of the contract, the buyer and the seller agree on the transfer time by themselves. As the intermediary service party, the company does not promise the transfer time.The company will help the seller to protect their rights and try to contact the buyer for coordination, but the buyer does not cooperate with the transfer of ownership for the time being.In this case, the company will actively contact the seller and inform him of the situation. If the seller needs to go through legal procedures, the company will cooperate with him to protect his rights.At the same time, they will continue to contact the buyer to urge him to transfer the ownership as soon as possible in accordance with the contract requirements.Lawyer: Is the seller’s request for transfer valid? Is there any legal support for Mr. Hu’s request for transfer?If the vehicle has a problem, how to protect the buyer’s rights?The reporter interviewed the henan Hongchuang law firm lawyer Ma Lei, according to its introduction, according to the situation introduced by both sides, can determine the existence of contractual relationship between the sale of vehicles, the buyer has paid off the price, the seller has delivered the vehicle, only for vehicle transfer.The seller requires transfer of ownership, there is a contractual basis, but also a legal basis.If the buyer does not cooperate with the transfer, then the seller has the right to request the transfer through judicial channels.There was a problem with the vehicle to the buyer, melon seeds used car inspection, the buyer for inspection, when trading is no problem, what is the problem that the vehicle itself, or the subsequent problems at present unable to confirm, if you can prove the existence of vehicle before the deal, the seller did not inform when trading, the buyer can ask the seller a negotiated solution, or through legal channels to resolve.If there is any difficulty to find feedback from Luoyang toutiao channel, Dahe Daily press conference will follow up and solve it in the first time.: This article was first published, all rights reserved.