Noon comment | A shares fell to deal with the current market the best strategy is this

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In 2022, the fund is currently losing 210,000 yuan, with an annual rate of return of 11.10%. It is a loss that is a loss, a gain that is a gain, and we insist on drying every day!1. We estimate that we also see A news recently, from March onwards, more than 50,000 yuan of personal cash withdrawals will be registered capital sources and uses, but someone proposed, you can put money into A shares!I just want to say: if you put in A, that is very safe, safe to your own money can not find….2. A shares today is A day trip, not surprisingly, is high low open walk in the morning, as of midday close, disk only semiconductor, spending on cement rose, such as coal, non-ferrous, infrastructure of new energy pv lithium battery, liquor, medicine, military industry of iron and steel, such as coal, the gem fell, the two cities down than up, less money effect is very poor, the two cities volume 587.4 billion,Compared with Wednesday, the volume increased 3.32%3.Foreign capital (northbound funds) net inflow of 2.268 billion, although the inflow of foreign capital is not good, but at least negative empty, because foreign capital run A shares fell more main net outflow of 12.4 billion, Dragon said yesterday when the main capital inflow, the main force is A one-day tour, and today to begin A consecutive month outflow of Vietnam base up 0.23%,U.S. stock futures fell before the three major indexes.C) brokerages are still relatively safe, recently the main market all down, on the low valuation of the performance is strong, brokerages fell last year, this year is still a lot of opportunities, can hold such as rising, look at the securities company index 900-950 points stop surplus, at 823 points meta-universe (related funds:Investment sports culture leisure stocks) yuan universe today small rise, yesterday added warehouse, continue to hold, there will be a rebound in the short term liquor consumption (related funds:China Merchants Liquor Index (LOF)A Harvest China Securities main consumption ETF link C) consumption liquor yesterday reminded everyone to do T, is not so fast recovery, has not stopped the decline, continue to watch medicine/Chinese medicine (related funds China Europe medical and health mixed C Huitanfu Chinese Medicine index (LOF C)C:) medicine short term market, or down, continue to lie flat, temporarily do not add positions semiconductor (related fund Novon growth mixed Huaxia Semiconductor chip ETF connection C) semiconductor has added positions yesterday, currently continue to maintain small low absorption, rebound will soon have a new energy (photovoltaic lithium battery) (related fund:Huitanfu China Securities New Energy Vehicle Industry Index (LOF A Chinese enterprise Mass Innovation flexible allocation mix) New energy is now below the support level, there is no support below, wait and see Hong Kong Base (related funds:Harvest Hang Seng Hong Kong stocks through the new Economic index (LOF)A) Hong Kong base today high open lower 1%, Hong Kong stocks are also at the historical low, the first patience to take, rise back to need more than half A year of time.Agriculture (related fund: Wanjia Ruilong mixture) agricultural performance can also recently, continue to hold patience, will rebound rare earth (related fund Harvest China Securities Rare earth industry ETF connection C) rare earth at present I continue to bullish, the rising trend has been established, continue to take good military (related fund:The military industry will open a new wave of rising next, Dalong is also in the continuing low absorption of military industry, we also just into the low, remind you, the military industry to do short term, earn to run 4.At present, there is no short-term hot spot can be sustained, or washing down, non-ferrous infrastructure cement bank, although these have risen recently, but these are short-term hot spots, sustainable is not strong, the most stable market is only debt based security.For the next fund ideas, I still maintain my own view:Partial low, for A long time, the current a-share market although is not the lowest, but it is also A relatively low region, where risk than the high affirmation that builds A bit slowly, but one thing to remind you that there are higher during do T, down low, prices also need months of falling shock stabilized, patience we win now namely see mentality, someone want to add A storehouse,Some people want to cut meat, according to their own ideas to the line, dalong every day small cangang is based on, not to say disorderly, with not with a personal matter, no need to say more, such as the late market after turning losses into profits, 5.We must also bear in mind, away from those who rebound A little shouted steady rise of experts, A share market is now plain, not 3-6 months is not good, do A good long-term hold plan, as long as the direction of the right, come back is sooner or later.Risk and income coexist, when you step into the stock market that moment, be about to do everything ready, please rest assured nevertheless, fund this play how to say, want you to choose right direction only, take, stop surplus only, more than loss, take for a long time is no problem to make money, follow big dragon to walk can!Afternoon or old time 14:20 wait for my fund train of thought can, be there or be square!I can understand everyone’s thoughts and feelings now, Dalong will not say much else, will always be there, accompany everyone to profit off, always in!Received friends as far as possible reply to a “1” in the point of praise, on behalf of you are still there, now should be mutual encouragement of time, you have to understand the stock market is not lack of money, lack of confidence, come on!How does the fund plan 2022