Our district launched the city’s first “safe consumption” theme activity

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March 15 is the International Consumer Rights Day.On March 14, the launch ceremony of the city’s first “safe consumption” theme activity was held in Nanping Red Star Macalline Shopping mall in Nanan District.This year, the theme of the National Year of Consumer Rights Protection is “Promoting consumption fairness together”. Combining with the actual situation, the district launched a series of activities of “Safe consumption in the South Bank” to optimize consumption supply, boost consumer confidence, promote consumption upgrading, and boost the construction of the core area of the international consumption center city.According to introduction, the “safe consumption” theme activity focuses on key industries, key fields and key links from the perspectives of producers and operators, consumers and government supervision.Will focus on “rest assured food fast – fast inspection sampling safety risk of interception system”, “safe meat food supermarket”, “rest assured consumption menu” promotion, “assured the pharmacy, cosmetics” construction, “rest assured shop, 4 s shop”, “rest assured shopping” and other activities, adopt the method of annual selection, dynamic management, build trust consumer demonstration unit.Nan ‘an District to the majority of businesses, industry associations, news media issued an initiative, hope that businesses play a leading role, integrity and law-abiding business, improve the quality of products and services;The association should play a good role as the leader, actively promote collaborative governance, optimize the working mechanism of safeguarding rights, and effectively improve the response speed of consumers’ rights protection;The media should act as a good supervisor, strengthen supervision by public opinion, further build social consensus, and create a good atmosphere for the activity of “safe consumption in the South Bank”.Zhang Jin, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and deputy head of the district government attended the launching ceremony.District market supervision bureau staff inspection nanping pharmacy.From the “assured consumption in the south bank” activity program to understand that the district to establish wisdom supervision as the support of the “assured food fast know” food safety quick inspection, sampling integration risk interception system.We have established and improved platforms for sampling and monitoring by regulatory departments, sampling and rapid inspection by third-party testing institutions, independent monitoring by enterprises, and participation by society in joint governance. Risk monitoring covers all areas and links of food safety, so as to achieve dynamic tracking, key monitoring, and comprehensive monitoring of food safety.We will organize the implementation of “You order, I check” and “you send me to check” on key matters concerning people’s livelihood, carry out key sampling inspections on varieties of public concern, and receive samples sent by the public for quick inspection at risk monitoring stations in a timely manner, so as to ensure that people can eat more safely and safely, and further improve the public’s satisfaction with food safety.Safe meat food supermarket of our prod food supermarket strictly carry out food safety responsibility, strengthening of meat, vegetables, eggs, aquatic products, fruits and other edible agricultural products (hereinafter referred to as the “meat dishes”) quality control, in accordance with the law to carry out the daily supervision and inspection, supervision and sampling inspection, continuously improve the quality and safety of edible agricultural products, for consumers to buy felt relieved, edible safety.To carry out the construction and review of municipal-level “demonstration supermarkets for meat and vegetables”, ensure the safety of meat and vegetables, promote a group of food safety main body responsibility to implement better food supermarkets to carry out demonstration construction, and further improve food safety and consumption environment.The district will strengthen the supervision of food safety in catering services, strengthen the main responsibility of catering units, and guide catering business entities to operate in good faith and develop with high quality.In the form of food and beverage units actively publicized “assured consumption menu”, let “net red dishes” “signature dishes” “specialty dishes” and other consumer prices, quality more transparent and more sunshine, let consumers understand consumption and assured consumption, effectively protect the people’s food safety, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the catering industry.Rest assured cosmetics in the pharmacy pharmacy to carry out the “rest assured consumption demonstrative pharmacy” (hereinafter referred to as “pharmacy”) construction, build association letter starlight shopping plaza is “rest assured consumption ShiFan Street” cosmetics, play a leading role, improve drug retail, cosmetics business enterprise whole industry management ability and the level of standardization, let people to rest assured to buy medicine, the consumption of cosmetics.”Rest assured shopping malls, 4S shops” to carry out consumer goods and service quality improvement action, promote shopping malls to implement the quality of goods and service quality commitment and advance compensation system, “no reason to return more than 7 days” system;Guide shopping malls to conduct online consumer dispute mediation for ODR enterprises on the national 12315 platform, and implement the responsibility of consumer rights protection subjects.To guide the 4S stores to implement the “New Three guarantees for Automobiles”, standardize business behavior, do solid and honest business, optimize service process, improve service quality, enhance user experience, and jointly create a comfortable consumer environment.The district will guide the orderly and healthy development of online trading market, encourage physical operators to expand online business through live broadcasting platforms, online marketing and other Internet channels, and optimize the market environment of “cloud shopping” and “home consumption”.Under the guidance of relevant departments and industry associations, urge e-commerce enterprises to implement the regulation of “seven days without reason return”, and fulfill the requirements of network operators in market access, quality control, after-sales service, complaint handling, compensation in advance, personal information protection and other aspects.Strengthen the monitoring of key online business entities, effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of online trading industry.Chongqing by the open area market regulator – promotional activities to solve consumer rights protection problem report from our correspondent (chief reporter Li) on March 15, international consumer rights day on the same day, by the open area of chongqing market regulator square in front of the tea garden yong hui supermarket campaign to accept public consultation about consumer rights protection, to create a harmonious and stable, safety integrity consumption environment.On the scene of the activity, chongqing Economic Development Zone market supervision Bureau staff distributed consumer rights promotion materials to the public, answered the consumer rights protection issues on the spot, explained how to distinguish real and fake products in daily life, popularized consumer knowledge and laws and regulations, and improved consumer rights awareness.At the same time, the staff also actively linked with major supermarkets in Chongqing Economic and Development Zone to carry out the creation of assured consumption activities.Next, by the open area of chongqing market supervision bureau will continue to further promote the create work rest assured consumption, promote offline merchants “no reason to return” commitment activity continuously made new achievements, actively promote consumer rights protection society, should let rest assured consumption to create work to do, to do to the heart of the people, in real power through the open area of chongqing economic and social development, business environment improvement.District fire rescue detachment — joint multi-departments to carry out special inspection of fire products (chief reporter Li Shiyun) In recent days, the district fire rescue detachment to “3·15” International Consumer Rights Day as an opportunity, jointly with the district market supervision Bureau, district streets on the two sites of Internet celebrity attractions using units to carry out special law enforcement inspection.The joint inspection team focused on the inspection of fire extinguishers, filtration fire-fighting self-rescue breathing apparatus, evacuation indication signs and other fire fighting products equipped in the site.In public entertainment places, focus on the kitchen fire door, fire blanket, fire extinguisher spot check.Finally, the inspectors put forward their opinions and suggestions to the relevant units.Next, zone and fire rescue team will continue to strengthen the department, and the area market regulatory authority, housing area of urban and rural construction committee to carry out the construction site special joint law enforcement, fire control products in the “fire law enforcement products month” increase the sampling frequency of fire control products, continue to strengthen the supervision of fire control products quality, strike force, enhance the social unit’s ability to identify fake fire control products,To ensure the safety of people’s life and property, to create a safe and harmonious fire products safety environment.On the afternoon of March 14, the market supervision office of Tushan Town received a banner sent by the citizens, which said: “warm and efficient people, feeling is the people to solve the people’s worries.Residents Xiao Wu (pseudonym) told reporters that they are a group of fitness enthusiasts, before the same gym exercise, but due to the recent withdrawal of the gym shop sparked a consumer dispute, thanks to the active mediation of the market supervision department, for nearly 400 citizens to recover economic losses.It is understood that in October last year, the district market supervision bureau received a clue that a gym employee posted false information on xianyu platform to invite customers to the store to apply for a card.After investigation, the sales department of a certain gym used their personal accounts on the Xianyu platform to release information about the transfer of membership cards in the name of a gym member. The transfer price was marked at 1600 yuan, and the remaining use time of membership cards was about one year.The membership card, originally priced at 2,488 yuan a year, was transferred at a low price of 1,600 yuan, attracting the attention of many prospective customers.After that, the gym’s sales staff put on a “big show” for the client.Sales staff Liu mou plays idle fish seller, he is limited to friends between card for the name, with customers about good to “friends”.Taking a client, Liu mou found a colleague Li mou to act the “manager”, for membership card transfer.Li told the transfer card also need to charge a transfer fee, the cost varies from person to person, usually between 800 yuan to 1000 yuan.Liu to lack of money on the ground, let the customer advance payment, and inform the customer card processing fees deducted from the transfer card fee, after the procedure, the customer only need to pay liu the rest of the cost.Subsequently, Li took the POS machine at the front desk to charge the card transfer fee, and waited for the fee to enter the corporate account.Meanwhile, Lee pretended to operate a computer to stall for time.At this time, Liu mou to occupy the grounds for the first to leave, and the customer to discuss the completion of the card transfer procedures, the rest of the cost by the customer through wechat to Liu mou.After Liu mou leaves, Li mou is to turn the card to appear a problem on the ground, find the role of “store manager” Tan mou.Tan mou pretended to check after telling customers: the transfer of the card is the company’s employee membership card, the use of transfer needs to prove that the department’s employees, the original cardholder employee leave the card can not be used.Tan is to force customers to give up to continue to transfer cards, customers put forward the request to refund the card transfer fee, Tan said that the cost has entered the company account, if you want to refund it will need to wait for 60 working days or longer, and may not be able to successfully refund.Tan seized the opportunity to recommend a gym existing membership card types to customers, and said that if you apply for membership cards, card transfer fees can apply for immediate return, and the membership card can be free of fees in advance.Customers are often persuaded to sign up for membership cards.It is reported that the above behavior of a gym has been suspected of violating the “People’s Republic of China Consumer Rights and Interests Protection” article 56, section 6 and the “People’s Republic of China against unfair competition law” article 8 provisions.For this, after receiving the masses complain clue, the market supervision department of nanan district takes seriously highly, for the citizens involved in disputes retrieved economic losses.The head of the district market supervision bureau said that this was a typical case of misleading consumers with the help of false propaganda fraud through network channels.The next step, the bureau will further strengthen the supervision and enforcement of online transactions, increase the exposure of illegal behaviors, guide consumers to rational consumption, so that the trust-breaking subjects in the market choice gradually eliminated, and promote the self-purification of the market environment.My area retrieves economic loss for consumer last year more than 20 million yuan report from our correspondent (chief reporter Li Shiyun) on March 15, the reporter learns from area market supervision bureau, last year, my area 12315 platform receives all kinds of consumer complain to inform against 15 thousand, retrieve economic loss for consumer 2097.21 million yuan.ODR enterprises refer to enterprises that provide online consumer dispute resolution services through the national 12315 platform under the guidance and supervision of the market supervision department of the jurisdiction.According to the analysis of ODR enterprises, at present, there are 23 ODR enterprises in our district.In 2021, there will be 8 new ODR enterprises in the district, receiving 40 complaints from consumers, and 40 cases will be settled, with the settlement rate of 100%.Consumers can log in to the national 12315 Internet platform (www.12315.cn) and the national 12315 platform APP, wechat public account (search “12315” on wechat), wechat mini program, Alipay mini program and other five channels to make complaints.