Sammo Hung, 70, took his two grandchildren to pay New Year’s greetings to his net friends

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At the beginning of the New Year, celebrities have also sent their best wishes to their fans on social media. Sammo Hung also posted a video on social media, showing sammo Hung and his two grandchildren wishing netizens a Happy New Year.Mr. Hung, 70, wished his Chinese fans “happy New Year, Tiger Tiger, prosperity!” in Mandarin, so that his fans across the country could understand him.Surprisingly, Sammo Hung speaks Mandarin very well.Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan are very famous action stars, martial arts since childhood, after entering the entertainment circle, often shoot martial arts scenes, which also caused him to fall a whole body illness, a few years ago after an operation, Sammo Hung’s body is not as good as before.Since then, Hung has mostly used a wheelchair or crutches to get around, and has had to be helped up stairs, leaving one of the most famous action stars in the world sadly immobile.Sammo Hung also looks thinner than before. This is not because of illness, but because sammo Hung has very serious diabetes. For the sake of health, he deliberately controlled his diet to lose weight.Although he has lost a lot of weight, at the age of 70, sammo Hung still has a glowing face and looks in good spirits. His wife and children have taken care of him and he has made a remarkable recovery.Hung has three children and a daughter, but only his eldest son is married and has a son. His two grandchildren are all hung’s sons. As the children grow up, they look more and more like Hung sammo.As a result, sammo Hung’s family is engaged in the film and television industry, but for his two grandchildren, Sammo Hung and Tin Ming Hung said that they do not want their children to develop in the entertainment industry, after all, everyone knows that the entertainment industry is very deep, it is not easy to get ahead.Nevertheless whole course does not see Gao Li Hong however, 3 of Hongjinbao one female is born with ex-wife place, Gao Li Hong is their stepmother, nevertheless, after marrying with Hongjinbao, Gao Li Hong did not give birth to his child, treat Hongjinbao’s 4 children wholeheartedly only.Ms. Ko has barely been seen in Mr. Hung’s videos since he opened his social media account, but she took care of him during his illness. It is unclear whether Mr. Hung rejected his stepmother or deliberately protected her privacy.Although Gaolihong has more than 50, but usually maintenance is very good, and Sammo Hung together like two generations, for Hong Tianming not basking in stepmother controversy is very big, however, as long as the family live happy happy.Looking at sammo Hung’s glowing face, you must have lived a very happy life. I hope that sammo Hung’s body will recover and become better and better.