To “spring breeze green river south bank” question

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Jingkou guazhou a water, zhong Shan only separated by a few mountains.The spring breeze and green river south bank, when the moon as I also.This is a poem about Wang Anshi’s longing for Jinling, where zhong Shan was his residence.One of the “spring breeze and green river south bank” is a famous example of Wang Anshi pay attention to repair the word, it is said that he changed the draft more than ten times before choosing the “green” word.At first it was “to” word, changed to “guo” word, then changed to “into” word, and then changed to “full” word and so on.(Hong Mai, Rongzhai Continued writing volume 8) Later generations have raised questions about this.”Green” word this usage in tang poetry has been seen repeatedly, Qiu for “Farmer lu House” : “when the east wind, has green lake mountain;Li Bai, “To listen to the new Warble song from Yichun Yuan fu Willow” : “The East Wind has green Yingzhou grass”;With the construction of “idle zhai lying rain line medicine to the mountain pavilion slightly lake pavilion” : “line of medicine to the stone wall, the east wind germination, the master green, small hidden lake flowers.Don’t you know wang Anshi’s erudite?Is this repeated revision forgetting the Tang poetry?His final choice of the word “green”, is it with the Tang dynasty?Or did he suddenly think of tang poetry and readily use it?Or consciously unable to surprise the victory, finally to the Tang people admit defeat?