Xilin Court launched the 2022 New Era Civilization Practice environmental sanitation volunteer service activity

2022-07-14 0 By

In order to further consolidate the achievements of the establishment of the national health county in Xilin County, according to the arrangement of the County Civilization Office, on March 14, xilin Court organized young police officers to carry out the 2022 Environmental sanitation volunteer service activity of civilized Practice in the New Era and carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the sanitation responsibility area.Activities, the school leadership team members take the lead in rolled up his sleeves, and leaned forward, positive response, to participate, volunteers have picked up the shovel, brooms, cloth and other cleaning tools, play the spirit of “not afraid dirty, afraid tired”, collecting cigarette butts, wastepaper, waste such as leaves sundry, clean and roadside guardrail, roadside ditches, on health dead Angle, dark corners with a big cleaning.After two hours of hard work, the road was clean and tidy, and the “psoriasis” on the walls and telephone poles was removed.Volunteers have said that it is very meaningful to participate in the volunteer service to beautify the urban environment and continuously improve the city image of Xilin.The event advocated the concept of “protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility” and called on the masses to maintain a clean, tidy and hygienic public environment and jointly build a green, civilized and beautiful home.Administer justice for the people