Basking in Cecilia Cheung’s mansion in Canada, the dining table is also decorated with a big turntable, which is very Chinese

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Speaking of Cecilia Cheung, the first thing we think of should be Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s three children, and tse’s emotional entanglement is also difficult to guess, more difficult to guess is the father of the three children, has been a mystery.She is a Hong Kong actress and singer.She won the Best actress award at the Hong Kong Film Awards.So so the goddess that has yan to have acting again, surely its decorate in the home should extraordinary?What does it look like?From the outside, a unique flavor of the villa standing in the snow, is really beautiful, this location is Canada.The appearance of the villa looks very European style, and the design is simple, the wall is decorated with European style gray brown wall bricks, in addition to planting some trees to green the environment, so that the overall look and a fresh feeling.Overall, this villa area is not small, the interior decoration should not be simple.It is not difficult for us to know that Cecilia cheung likes everything of Chinese wind, so her luxurious house interior decoration should not lack of Elements of Chinese wind.Above all, from the kitchen part look, its floor and ambry are to use cream-colored fundamental key to decorate entirely, and still did condole ark to place a thing, practical dye-in-stone, very good used a space and have receive a function again.The overall decoration style of the restaurant and the kitchen are also very fit and coordinated.The black chandelier in the dining room is designed to enhance the texture of the whole space, so that the restaurant as a whole has a kind of elegant flavor.The kitchen also looks very clean and tidy. There seems to be no other kitchen utensils and appliances, probably because she doesn’t cook very often.There is only one door between the dining room and the kitchen. The design of the dining table is more ingenious. It is made of coffee acrylic material and has rotating function.The most simple is her wall decoration, all using white wall design, quite modern Chinese style charm.The overall decoration of the restaurant kitchen is very simple, and there is no luxury in our imagination. In the decoration style of many female stars’ home, it is very low-key and not short of modern Chinese style Cecilia Cheung and the children’s daily life. This picture is also very warm and loving.Cecilia Cheung is meticulous in taking care of her children, taking care of all aspects of their daily life, protecting their privacy in the entertainment industry, and respecting their choices in education to the greatest extent.Maybe this is the greatness of maternal love.Unexpected is, of the sitting room decorate a design really is all the more simple and easy.Dark gray cloth art sofa and brown floor, both collocation is very harmonious, the design of white shutters and a whole white wall, make its visual difference, this visual effect also makes the whole space has a sense of layers.In addition the curtain is to use cream-colored this color fundamental key, in the floor lamp foil below, also let a space have a sweet feeling.Besides, it seems that there is no other decoration and furniture, visible its is simple cannot again simple, should think of her sitting room to decorate can be such.Cecilia cheung’s emotional road is also quite bumpy.Even so, she had nothing to say when it came to child care.And we’re sure she’s pretty happy with her life.Finally, we also wish her career and life to a better level in the future!