Entertainment Revelations: Li Qin, Xiao Zhan, Zhu Yilong, CAI Xukun, Gu Linaza, Bai Yu

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1, contemporary youth love social graph guide reality show “Witty Love 2” artist plan: Li Qin, Lin Yun, Zhou Shen, CAI Kangyong, Wei Chen, Jin Jing, You Jiining, is expected to be recorded in May, online in August.2, film and TV drama “Childe Jade peerless in the book” starring is currently set: Zhang Junning.3, Mango TV network drama “NANA” is currently fixed: Qiu Tian, Li Haofei, Cheng Xiao, Liang Sen starting in April.4, modern drama “Floating to know the stars” starring is currently set: Gulina zha, Xu kai, is about to boot.5, 10 special theme “Asian Games Hangzhou” to fly: Jackie Chan, Lang Lang, Li Ronghao, Chen Feiyu, Wang Linkai, Fan Chengcheng, Wu Xuanyi, Song Yuqi, hard candy girl 303.Yu Qian is going to come out, and recently talked about a good movie resource “the last Case of the old police”, which is cooperated with Tony Leung Ka-fai.7, Tencent’s suspense drama “Under Fan City” has been started, starring Bai Yufan and Xiang Hanzhi. Originally, this drama was to find Wang Yuan and Jiang Yiyi, but because of the project changes, all have been changed.8, Bai Yu starred in the TV series “Dragon City” these two days have been completed, after a short rest will enter the group “West out of Yumen” this play starting time is In April, starring is: Ni Ni, Bai Yu, by the super, Meng Ziyi, and then “the wind from The West of Gansu” is currently in the trial state, after getting the certificate will immediately arrange the broadcast.Hello, Pop pop, is CAI Xukun going to the new season of This is Street Dance?I did, but I don’t think I’m going.The first few seasons of This Is Hip-hop were pretty good, and both the guests and the captains were handpicked.CAI Xukun received so many years of professional singing and dancing training, the dance foundation is not bad, but his love beans dancing style and hip-hop shows are not the same thing, CAI Xukun himself knows, should not accept the program will not accept.CAI xukun’s development has also reached a bottleneck. It is really difficult for him to be an independent musician. Due to the epidemic, he cannot hold concerts, and his exposure has decreased greatly.Without exposure, natural commercial value will be greatly affected.His team members have been advising him to try acting and develop in many ways, but he is unwilling to consume himself by shooting idol dramas.All he can do now is pick up a few more variety shows to make up for the exposure. “Running Man” will start filming in mid-April, and he has picked up a sound mixer from The Blue Channel, so something should happen soon.In the past two years, Li Yifeng would choose scripts by himself, not letting his agent do the work for him. Only when he was interested in the scripts, he would be willing to talk about them, and he would not even give quotations for other scripts.2, Haiqing said she went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables do not know how to bargain, so every time is to see others bargain, others buy, she followed a buy.3, Liu Haocun’s resources are not as much as before, because now there are too many voices against her, many movies avoid her.National teachers here to find four word top flow of small cooperation, small students are directly said to have Liu Haocun he will not come.4, Glow-in-the-dark script heroine’s legal team, helping her clean up the negative online.5, Yang Caiyu in “Ode to Joy” play a lot, the play is still in the state of post-editing, her team is also staring at the production, after all, five female, who want to their own sense of existence can be more prominent, more flash point.She is very interested in the show and is waiting for it to become more popular in the TV community.6, now the concert can not be held, there are not many musical variety, Zhang Jie after trying several drama, recently really began to read the script of network drama, want to choose a good script, formal shooting.Yang Chaoyue is learning English, only speaking, not learning to write and recognize.8, the female show talent show, because the company feels that her appearance is suitable for actors, so she is also holding the drama, is still a small budget romance drama, her addiction to alcohol is very big, often all over the smell of wine to the set, lines and staff lift teleprompter.9. Zhu Yilong’s team has positioned him as a drama and a texture film. Idol projects are pushed when they can be pushed, so he is very cautious about accepting projects now.Xiao zhan’s clothes are very good. When he played the rest of his life, he took a lot of private clothes into the group, so that the costume stylist of the cast worries a lot less.When Cheng Xiao was in the filming crew, if she couldn’t cry, she would not use eye drops. Instead, she asked her assistant to pinch her thigh and shoot her tears immediately.There is no substantive black material, his emotional history is some, but it is also normal love, there is no real hammer.In addition, some of his greasy dance moves and speeches were ridiculed by some netizens, but this is not a big blot, at most as a point of ridicule.