Meditation is a mental exercise for the brain (follow me daily)

2022-07-15 0 By

We all know that the earth moves around the sun, but many people don’t know why. Just like the relationship between our brain and our thoughts, we know that thoughts exist in the brain, but science can’t explain why.The most readily accepted explanation for the relationship between the brain and the mind is that the mind is in motion, just as our legs are when we walk.So meditation is actually a mental exercise for the brain, just like fitness.The most immediate benefit of strengthening our brains through meditation is that it can give us a sense of mental well-being, commonly known as “openness.”Our brains, like ours, began to develop when our mothers were pregnant with us, and became aware and remembered;There is no doubt that when the brain goes wrong, the mind also goes wrong.The existence of the brain allows us to have memories, feelings, thoughts, etc.Although the current science cannot clearly explain the relationship between brain and mind, it does not affect us to learn meditation. We just need to observe the world and ourselves with our eyes and heart as well as with our ears. This is meditation, and we will become happier.