Novice orchid, try “general”, gorgeous, fragrant, easy to keep love bloom

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A few like quiet person likes to raise a bit flower, it is the flower modeled this kind of quiet disposition after all, still be innate quiet, may have a few reasons, to them, raise orchid is actually a kind of cultivate one’s morality the way that raises a sex.These people tend to be middle-aged or elderly, because they seek inner peace.Raise orchid to see what breed even, and raise different orchid heart road course also is different, raise a gorgeous flower for example and raise a not too eye of breed is different, but a few people like a few gorgeous flower quite, raise ability to be able to have fun more so.Xiaobian introduced this grand general orchid is such.There must be some people, it is not quite able to raise flowers, a flower will raise it dead, so the pursuit of this kind of crowd is often good to raise, followed by its color is not good, painting quality is not beautiful, just big general orchid is a very good breeding flower.This is one of the few orchids that are easy to grow.Orchid flowers, there are some domineering, such as the imperial concubine orchid is more swagger, but there is a general orchid the beauty of the heroine, because its posture tall and straight, design and color is very bright, is pink, and flowers larger, more suitable for some people who bear temper ah, keep up, that may not so boring.Still have a few people like that kind of color is gorgeous, can accomplish very important ornament effect in the home, perhaps can choose this one big general orchid, because its figure is tall and straight, the leaf is tall and tall, can have an ornament effect very easily.And it will be a beautiful landscape at home.In fact, the grand General orchid is not always so bright and beautiful, it grows in the early stage, the color is not as gorgeous as now but a little light.This light color or according to its growth process slowly become darker, so that each flower growth to become beautiful, must need to go through a growth experience, is the so-called women’s eighteen changes, is this truth.Heard hua Mulan for father in the ancient army, a heroine, and the general orchid is called the general, orchid may also be because it has such a quality of Hua Mulan, even from the appearance, it is indeed a very bright flower, and to compare it to Hua Mulan, it is indeed very consistent.Although its color is gorgeous, but not make public, but give a person the feeling of a kind of power and force domineering, and this kind of flower is not to let a person do not want to be close to, but will be attracted by it this kind of temperament, it every time when the diameter can achieve 5 centimeters or so.The most surprising thing is that it can open a dozen on a rod.So every time it blossoms, it can see a scene of flowers and flowers.People will praise, the flowers are really lush, but also too pleasant.And it takes up such a large sensory area, which shows that the flower is not inconspicuous, but extremely conspicuous, and extremely colorful.This beautiful flower also blooms for a long time, about two months, much longer than any other flower, and it is a heroine in terms of the number of blooms, four or five times a year.Neither cold nor heat can stop it from flowering.Grand general orchid flower is not only more aggressive, the leaf is even though the leaf is a foil to the flower, but in the opinion of the small editor, the leaf is a weapon of the flower, can let it kill the enemy on the battlefield, and this is the green leaf wrapped the flower as a shield for it, and sometimes can be used as its sword to protect it.Sometimes the great general may not be reflected by itself, but its weapons can also reflect its powerful feeling, if it is a lone hand, it is difficult to kill the enemy on the battlefield, this is the importance of a weapon is reflected.Great general orchid is such, only flower and leaf two kinds of union, just can form the feeling of overbearing power and power.Orchids a lot of flowers are more noble, because it is this kind of high feeling every year the number of flowering is not much also, so host is when raising orchids, often can bitter wait for a long time.The great General orchid has a good point, is that it is not particularly arrogant, will open several times a year, so that the owners enjoy a long time.Although such domineer flower is a general, but also do not lose daughter breath, it can send out a rich fragrance, still retain the smell like a woman.If raise a basin in the home, look at that overbearing feeling, smell that charming fragrance, perhaps very quickly by it surrender, deep-set among them.Friends who want to plant can click the link of commodity card below to buy!Our shop during the event price concessions!This shop true bag version!Package mail package alive!