Only 10 in the world!Cristiano Ronaldo has booked $8 million for the new Bugatti supercar

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According to western media reports, Cristiano Ronaldo paid 8 million euros to pre-order bugatti’s new Centodieci supercar, only 10 of which will be sold in the world.8 million, translated into RMB 56 million, spending more than 56 million, just to book a supercar, Ronaldo is really a large sum of money.And that’s just a down payment. The final price could be more than $56 million.It’s the Centodieci, bugatti’s 2019 supercar, which has reportedly completed testing and is ready for delivery this year.What is remarkable about this supercar is that only 10 of them were sold worldwide and Ronaldo was one of those 10 buyers.With only 10 Centodieci cars in the world, Ronaldo was happy to pay $56m.Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers of all time, matched only by Argentina’s Lionel Messi.It’s hard to say who is better at football, ronaldo or Messi, but ronaldo is better than Messi in earning money.Statistics show that Ronaldo is worth more than 450 million pounds, which translates to more than 3.7 billion yuan.Ronaldo’s wealth has come from endorsements and investments, as well as from playing football.Ronaldo has signed a £773m lifetime deal with Nike and has numerous other high-profile endorsements.In addition to the endorsement brand, Ronaldo has his own brand, that is a underwear brand.In order to promote his brand, Ronaldo also modeled himself, using his physique to promote underwear.According to the report, Ronaldo is the highest paid athlete in the world, and the NBA’s top star James is no match for Ronaldo.Of course, it also has to do with sports. Top soccer players make more money than top basketball players.Cristiano ronaldo earns a lot and spends freely.Cristiano Ronaldo loves to buy luxury homes and cars. He owns five of them.He bought a mansion in Manchester while playing for Manchester United and another in Madrid when he joined Real Madrid.Ronaldo also bought a mansion in Turin after his transfer to Juventus.In his hometown, Cristiano Ronaldo spent 7 million yuan to build a mansion.Cristiano Ronaldo can buy luxury homes wherever he plays football. “Rent” is not a word in his vocabulary.Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina revealed in a documentary that she even got lost in his mansion when they first met.It took Georgina a long time to reach her destination from the kitchen to the living room, giving you an idea of the size of Ronaldo’s mansion.Before she met Ronaldo, Georgina worked as a salesgirl in a department store and lived in a storage unit in Madrid that was cold in winter and hot in summer.After becoming Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina moved into a mansion and became a world-famous model.You can’t be a man without a car.Cristiano Ronaldo owns so many luxury cars that he can drive one a day for a month without having to repeat himself.Knowing that Ronaldo loved cars, Georgina gave him a £150,000 Cadillac on his 37th birthday.Compared to ronaldo’s other luxury cars, the Cadillac from Georgina looked too ordinary.He kissed Georgina on the spot and gave a thumbs-up as he test-drove his Cadillac.Although so rich, but Ronaldo is still hard to play football, which is probably his love for football.Portugal have secured their ticket to the World Cup and Cristiano Ronaldo will make another bid for the title.Cristiano Ronaldo can play until he is 40, his mother has revealed in an interview.