South county: maintenance line ordinary small warm heart

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Electric tube place staff to carry out line detection and maintenance for the elderly.Rednet moment Yiyang January 28 news (correspondent Liu Xi) January 28, the weather station early warning, affected by the cold air, sanxian Lake town will appear a large area of snow.In order to ensure that the people use electricity, fire safety, south County Sanxian Lake town party committee government held an emergency meeting of all cadres, and started the severe weather emergency plan, against freezing, fighting cold, for the area of road safety, electricity safety to provide a strong guarantee.At nine o ‘clock in the morning, South County sanxian Lake town just finished meeting Wu Branch secretary, still on the way back to xinmin community received Yang Deqing elderly call for help.It is reported that due to continuous rain weather, resulting in damp circuit wires, causing a short circuit, and then triggered a partial circuit fire.YangDeQing, a 82 – year – old old man reluctantly had to seek help from wu township, wu township party understand the old man is low, and the special case of children are not at home for a long time, immediately contact the three fairy lake town electric tubes, electric tube by staff immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the message, free all line detection to the old man’s house, and maintenance.Looking at the new electricity line, the old man said happily, “Thank you wu Secretary, thank the government, if it wasn’t for you, my wife and I at home, we don’t know what to do.”Approaching the Spring Festival, the township staff will use kinship services to make the elders who have actual difficulties feel the warmth of the big family.And take this as the carrier, put the Party’s care into practice, and provide real help for the people in need.For the subsistence allowance households have a good safety year, bright year to provide protection.