Take off the boots to cover your feet, this spring popular “3 pairs of shoes”, comfortable and versatile show advanced

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In winter, the boots rely on the ability that decorates leg model with outstanding, became shoe bound new favor with favor, and as temperature heats up gradually, again good-looking boots also is worn very hard, after all in the process that most people is tie-in, consider more or the comfort that wear.Compared with the sweltering feeling that boots may bring, the cool and refreshing experience of single shoe is the choice that suits spring most, and in numerous single shoe design, these 3 can be said to be how to wear the existence that won’t be bored, fashionable feeling pulls full directly.Take off the boots that cover foot quickly, this spring popular this “3 pairs of shoes”, comfortable and versatile show advanced!Item 1: Mary Jane shoes Since the rise of retro style, French style is becoming more and more popular, among which Mary Jane shoes with elegant and sweet sense of palace have become a choice for many women to dress up.Do not look at the design of integral shoe slants melting style more, but in tie-in respect, it also can show but salt but sweet temperament.The design of the round surface shows the aesthetic feeling of smooth and gentle, the classic design of the ankle collocation strap type, showing skin at the same time, so that the foot looks more perfect, in the low heel support, so that the design has more light ripe elegant temperament feeling.However, it is not recommended for women with high instep because the design has skin revealing and lacing elements.If you want to create a classic retro Look with Mary Jane shoes, you can’t go wrong with the combination of stockings and shoes, especially in the minimalist black and white color scheme, which perfectly demonstrates the understatement and elegance of the French style.The combination of v-neck sweater and straight tube skirt makes it easy to grasp the noble feeling of a rich family’s daughter. The combination of white socks and Mary Jane shoes not only decorates beautiful legs, but also makes the modeling of retro feeling more thick and creates a more attractive temperament collocation.Although the design of Mary Jane shoes is based on sweet style, we can make the shoes take on a salt-casual retro aesthetic with the right combination.The compact coat of small sweet wind that short paragraph designs, collocation can elongate the trousers of tall waist wide leg of leg model, a short and long union, realize the heighten effect that the person that most wears builds wants, and the Mary Jane shoe that the place wears on the foot, rely on the advanced temperament that brings ancient ways, let whole simple collocation also become very classy.Item 2: Canvas shoes as a relatively basic shoe item, canvas shoes have a sense of age-reducing leisure, so that it has become almost ubiquitous in daily life.Especially after mixing wind rise, canvas shoes can utilization rate is higher and higher, whether it is a relatively formal modelling of commuting, or sweet cute outfit, it can easily fit in, make modelling looks more comfortable reduction of age, at the same time, according to the height of the upper canvas shoes can better modify legs, make one outfit look more likely to achieve higher results.If we want to better show the fashion beauty of canvas shoes, we can use a strong sense of contrast to mix and match, highlighting the uniqueness of the overall shape.In this kind mix build combination, contain the short skirt of slender skin that is wearing hot and spicy melting breath, just can with canvas shoe recreational form contrast, pass the style collision of one sweet one salt, what can let integral modelling reduce age feeling more apparent.Look: Suit + shorts + canvas shoes can be used to highlight the effect of reducing age in addition to the mix of wind, casual wind collocation also has a good performance of reducing age.The sassy suit jacket collocation, very avant-garde temperament of short cycling pants, a wide and narrow version of the combination, can make the exposed leg lines, look more slender, and the canvas shoes collocation on the feet, once again strengthen the overall style of leisure, so that wearing looks more energetic and youthful charm.Item 3: Loafers are also temperament leather shoes. The design of loafers is more neutral, and the simple design also makes it more convenient to wear and take off.Flat or low to help design without LACES, under the low-key simple atmosphere, easy to build a kind of relaxed and comfortable effect, very suitable for use in the collocation of contracted temperament, can let whole modelling look more high quality, both elegant and commuting, or leisure, because of the existence of the loafers, can let our modelling looks contracted but not simple.As for the neutral loafers with a relaxed temperament, they are very suitable for the modeling of mature women, especially those simple and casual collocation in daily wear, which can make the overall modeling Look more advanced and elegant temperament.The combination of casual hoodie and straight pants makes the overall shape look casual and lazy, while the loafers on the feet, with retro classic design, make the original simple and simple collocation look more fashionable, and easily improve the overall fashion grade of wearing.For young girls, the leisure loafers restoring ancient ways, in fact, can also build a sense of a kind of college, in the collocation of short skirts and stockings, the image of the girl restoring ancient ways to reduce age nave.In the next spring, just use these three pairs of shoes, wear will not be too inferior.Pay attention to the daily guide to dressing to meet more beautiful yourself!Statement: original text, some pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete.